What is FormaHoof
FormaHoof Hoof Protection

Thin Profile

Non Invasive (No Nails)

Lightweight & Durable

Dynamic 3D Support

Flexible Material Providing Maximum Comfort

Why FormaHoof?

Say goodbye to hoof problems and hello to healthier, stronger hooves with FormaHoof! 

The fastest and most effective way to solve a wide range of hoof pathologies, improve your horse’s long-term soundness and to instantly reduce hoof pain without drugs, FormaHoof gives farriers, vets and equine practitioners a proven and reusable solution that delivers fast, measurable results, that are replicable time and time again.

FormaHoof addresses many of the limitations of existing products on the market, such as traditional metal shoes or hoof boots, and allows any hoof imbalances, structural weaknesses or conformation challenges to be quickly and effectively corrected, to give the best chance possible for a lame horse to return to full soundness and for sound horses to stay that way.


The unique, patented, liquid fit FormaHoof moulding process creates a non-invasive, three dimensional, protective and supportive overlay on the horse’s hoof. By recreating the form of a perfectly healthy, balanced hoof, FormaHoof delivers immediate results, assisting farriers in the fight against a multitude of hoof-related disorders, from Laminitis and White Line Disease to Hoof Cracks, High-Low Syndrome and Foal Limb Deformities. 


The FormaHoof Advance Polymer (AP) material mimics the way that a natural, healthy hoof operates and has been designed to flex as healthy hoof does, so the horse feels immediate relief and improved comfort. FormaHoof AP has also been designed to be minimally adhesive, to ensure that no damage is done to the hoof during the removal process. 


Because FormaHoof completely encapsulates the hoof, it offers both protection from the environment (from bacteria and wear) whilst also promoting healthy hoof growth at an accelerated pace. This decreases the treatment time for hoof related issues by up to 50% versus traditional methods, whilst also giving a lame horse instant relief from pain.

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