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What is a FormaHoof Certified Applicator?

FormaHoof Certified Applicators are individual and independent hoof care and veterinary service providers which have chosen to include FormaHoof into their range of services and provide certified services to the highest standards. 

These professional farriers, vets, and hoof trimmers have proven they have what it takes to perform the perfect FormaHoof application every time. The certification provides you with peace of mind that your horse is getting the best FormaHoof hoof care treatment!

How Do I find an Applicator Near me?

Using our search you can find a FormaHoof Certified Applicator (FCA) near you, searching for your town or region (state). Contact them by submitting the form when you tap “Contact Applicator” on your preferred Applicator’s listing.

No FormaHoof Applicator near you?

  • Get started anytime and anywhere with your farrier, hoof trimmer or vet – all you need is packed into the FormaHoof Essentials Kit.
  • Apply FormaHoof yourself (only recommended for self-trimming owners!) and learn the techniques for Free with the FormaHoof Basics tutorial in our Academy!

Do I Need a certified Applicator?

FormaHoof products are available worldwide with a growing number of local service providers. Some owners without an applicator close by have opted to apply FormaHoof themselves.

Whilst applicators do not have to be certified to apply our products, the FormaHoof Certified Applicator status gives owners a quality seal and peace of mind when looking for services.

If you are a confident self trimming owner, get a better understanding of the FormaHoof application process in the FormaHoof Basics tutorial or visit How To FormaHoof.

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