FormaHoof: A 3D Solution in Hoof Care

Discover the only 3D solution in hoof care. Learn how we are improving horse health. Read expert analysis and find out more about FormaHoof.
Unresponsive To All Other Shoeing

A case by FormaHoof Expert & Certified Applicator Joel Brown

Eli’s journey with FormaHoof began on November 23, and the results are impressive. Before the application, he had gone through every kind of shoeing prescription, including glu-on shoes, which he despised. The ability of FormaHoof to rebuild soft tissue, rebalance the internal foot foundation, build solar Concavity, and restore proper Coronary Band/Extensor Process (CE) position within the hoof capsule is unmatched by any other option in the market.

The improvements in Eli’s case are soft tissue improvements, not a mere set up of mechanics of the feet. With just four applications to date, the improvements are evident in the current images compared to the first ones. The best part is that it’s all barefoot. The balance achieved with FormaHoof is unmatched and is something that sets it apart from other hoof care solutions.

Comparing FormaHoof with a simple 2D glue-on shoe is like comparing a fully immersive 3D experience with a mere flat image. FormaHoof offers a comprehensive biomechanical solution for the hoof, providing support and protection in all dimensions, while traditional shoes provide only surface-level protection. FormaHoof is a completely unique space in hoof care, and the results are evident in the horses that have had an application.

The foot is a two-part structure, with the internal foot of two foundations and the external hoof, with all structures having an internal foot foundation as the source of their growth, structure, and alignment. The alignment of the internal foundation is reflected in an aligned and balanced external hoof. FormaHoof occupies the space of a 3D liquid fit application that is balanced to the internal hoof axis.

The truth is that nothing will balance the internal foot foundation until the external application is set up in balance and alignment to the internal hoof axis plane, and that is where FormaHoof comes in. It’s a 3D solution in hoof care that works based on experience and knowledge, not marketing or opinion.

At FormaHoof, we are committed to providing unique solutions in hoof care that cater to the horse’s overall wellbeing. With FormaHoof, you can expect soft tissue improvements, improved vascular health, alignment of HPA & bone alignment, and palmar heel height build-up.

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Looking to learn more about FormaHoof from one of our experts? This article, adapted from a shared post by Joel Brown in the FormaHoof Experience Exchange group. Ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Join the group and get connected with our community of experts. Want to work with Joel directly? Book a consultation with him today or follow him on Instagram for even more great insights.

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