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Welcome to our guide on the best practices in daily hoof care for your horse. As a horse owner, you play a pivotal role in maintaining your horse’s hoof health, and staying informed is key to supporting your farrier’s work. You know your horse better than anyone else, and understanding the nuances of daily hoof care is essential, whether you’re a new owner or introducing young equestrians to the basics of equine care.

This article delves into the 11 essential daily hoof checks that are crucial for every horse owner. We’ve also included a free, downloadable checklist to help you establish and maintain these vital habits. So, whether you’re looking to refine your hoof care routine, starting your journey as a horse owner, or teaching someone else about the importance of hoof care, read on to enhance your knowledge and download your copy of the FormaHoof Daily Hoof Care Checklist.

Establish a Routine for Optimal Hoof Health

A daily examination of your horse is crucial for early detection and intervention of hoof-related issues. Regular checks during routine activities, such as feeding, allow you to monitor your horse’s stance, movement, and hoof condition. Familiarize yourself with the normal characteristics of your horse’s hooves, whether they are barefoot or shod, to identify any deviations quickly.

The Importance of the Coronary Band and Hoof Wall

Pay close attention to the coronary band and hoof wall for signs of injury or cracks. Traditional metal shoes can often exacerbate these issues, especially near nail clinches. This is where FormaHoof’s innovative solution comes into play. By encapsulating the hoof, FormaHoof offers a protective barrier, eliminating the need for direct nailing into the hoof wall, thereby preserving its integrity.

Cleaning and Maintenance: A Proactive Step

Regular cleaning of each hoof is vital. Detecting sensitivity in the frog or hoof clefts could indicate underlying issues like injury or thrush. FormaHoof’s application can provide immediate comfort, supporting the natural healing process of the hoof’s internal structures.

Addressing Frog Shedding and Foreign Objects

Shedding of the frog, particularly in damp environments, is a natural process. However, vigilance is required to prevent complications. Additionally, inspect the hooves for foreign objects. In cases where objects are lodged in sensitive areas, FormaHoof’s Advanced Polymer provides a robust 3D protection, mimicking natural keratin and offering a shield against such hazards.

Specific Considerations for Shod Horses

For horses that are shod vs barefoot, FormaHoof presents another unique advantage. The application allows for nailing into the cured Advanced Polymer, avoiding damage to the hoof wall. Regular checks for loose nails, levelness of the shoe, and clinch integrity are still important, but with FormaHoof, the risks associated with traditional shoeing are significantly mitigated.

Monitoring and Resetting with FormaHoof

Traditional hoof care often involves monitoring for hoof expansion beyond the shoe, indicating a need for a reset. FormaHoof simplifies this process. The application naturally grows out and eventually “pops” off the hoof, ensuring a continuous, protective coverage. This innovative approach not only secures the hoof but also promotes healthy growth, reducing the frequency of resets and maintenance.

Embracing the FormaHoof Method

FormaHoof is not just an alternative to traditional hoof care; it’s a logical and empathetic solution for your horse. Whether your horse is barefoot or requires shoes, FormaHoof offers a versatile, non-invasive solution. Its application supports natural hoof growth while providing unparalleled protection and comfort. By choosing FormaHoof, you’re opting for a method that respects the natural structure of the hoof, ensuring your horse’s well-being and mobility.

For more information on how FormaHoof can your horse’s hoof care, visit our knowledge base. If you’d like to get personalised information, then make an enquiry!

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