Why FormaHoof

The hoof's natural design is remarkable and plays a key role in the overall health of Your horse

Barefoot (non-invasive) vs Traditional shoeing (nailed)

Barefoot is the most natural and healthy state for horses’ hooves. However, modern equine management and associated hoof weaknesses has meant that a perfectly healthy and well-shaped horse hoof is extremely difficult to achieve and keep, until now!

Nail holes, especially old ones, weaken the hoof wall and are an open door for bacterial migration which can impact future hoof health immensely. The images above show a healthy natural wall (barefoot or non-invasive) in comparison to a wall which has clear signs of damage around the nail holes.

Why you should choose FormaHoof over other shoeing and Horse hoof protection solutions

  • FormaHoof is non-invasive (nail-free)

  • FormaHoof AP has been designed to be minimally adhesive, to ensure that no damage is done to the hoof during the removal process

  • FormaHoof Applications are three-dimensional and allow you corrections and support which are not possible with two-dimensional composite & traditional horseshoeing methods

  • FormaHoof Applications provide various common horse hoof problems drug-free relief

  • A supportive treatment with FormaHoof allows enhanced regeneration

  • Overall therapy cost can be drastically reduced for most of the common hoof related pathologies

  • FormaHoof Applications provide extra comfort & protection

  • And much more

Fast Facts about FormaHoof

🛀 Horses can be washed & turned out whilst in FormaHoof

🐴 FormaHoof can be used as a rehab tool or for horses in work

🦶 FormaHoof allows your horse to comfortably transition to barefoot

🐎 You can ride your horse in FormaHoof (if the overall condition of your horse allows riding)

🏆 Many countries allow FormaHoof in competitions (eg USEF, USDF)

🏇🏽 FormaHoof is approved by the British Horseracing Authority 

⏳ Once applied FormaHoof applications last for a cycle of 4-8 weeks which can be compared to a regular trimming cycle⠀

❄️ No need to worry about snowballs anymore, the polyurethane doesn’t allow any ⠀

🏇🏽 FormaHoof Traction allows horses to gain extra grip, studs can be added too, if you feel you need even more grip!

FormaHoof Benefits For Horses Hoof

FormaHoof addresses many of the limitations of existing products on the market, such as traditional metal shoes or hoof boots, and allows any hoof imbalances, structural weaknesses or conformation challenges to be quickly and effectively corrected, to give the best chance possible for a lame horse to return to full soundness and for sound horses to stay that way.

The unique, patented, liquid fit FormaHoof moulding process creates a non-invasive, three dimensional, protective and supportive overlay on the horse’s hoof. By recreating the form of a perfectly healthy, balanced hoof, FormaHoof delivers immediate results, assisting farriers in the fight against a multitude of hoof-related disorders, from Laminitis and White Line Disease to Hoof Cracks, High-Low Syndrome and Foal Limb Deformities

Not sure yet, if FormaHoof is for you and your horse? Talk to our team and find out, if FormaHoof is the right choice.

What FormaHoofers Say

The most important message I have about the barrel horses and FormaHoof, is the extreme reduction in vet bills that I’ve had. 65% down from last year, and making more runs than before. That’s crazy impressive to me, and I’ll tell anybody who will listen what me becoming a barefoot trimmer and FH applicator have done for my horses and my pocketbook.

Thanks to FormaHoof, I can finally start riding my horse again. We have been struggling with my horse’s hooves for almost his entire life. He turns 12 this year so it’s been a while. I’ve had the best farriers for many years and we’ve given him time to rest his hooves from iron shoes many times, but it always comes back to bad hoof walls (white line disease). When I say we’ve tried everything I really mean everything so honestly this feels like a lifesaver for me and my horse!

Tex had never taken a lame step on soft soil but was noticeably tender on firm ground. After an ice storm, he bruised his feet terribly and I resorted to pads, icing them, topical hardeners etc. Dr. Emily Hood led me to FormaHoof and Tex is now on his second application, is exercised at a long trot daily and is sooo sound! Secondary issues like soreness he always seemed to have on his top line have also resolved. Icing on the cake is that he’s winning / placing with the elite horses now!

I have no idea how this technology helps and is so magical. All I know is my boy was in so much pain, next to zero heels, his toes were growing way out of shape, he had a hoof fracture and was limping bad. Dr Emily Hood turned out to be a blessing for both my boy Raymond and me. After 2 cycles (4 month), we could both enjoyed a small trail ride again.

Shout out to FormaHoof, Eli walked in the snow more comfortable than ever has in the past… His FormaHoof ‘shoes’ didn’t accumulate any snow balls and barely tracked snow into the barn’

With the help and support from FormaHoof and by watching and studying online videos, I taught myself and convinced my partner to help me do the applications, after the initial first go (which got all the bugs out and a few mistakes made) I’m happy to say that it is a really straightforward process and as a complete amateur, it shows how usable this product really is. Without FormaHoof I don’t believe we would ever been able to correct the issues my horses were having in our isolated situation we are. If I can do this anyone can!

I have been looking at FormaHoof for the past six months, with getting a horse that needed hoof care due to bad care and rotations of around 50%, I was ready to try the system out myself. Well with reluctance to do myself, I did more research and found Lindsay Holland on a FormaHoof page. I contacted her, discuss my situation and set an appointment. Well the short story is, I had a lame horse when she showed up and had a mostly sound horse immediately after FormaHoof application. What an awesome product!!

How can you start your FormaHoof journey?

If you would like a more detailed review of your case, including advice on general horse hoof care and condition management with FormaHoof, you can book an appointment at a time that suits you with our FormaHoof Experts!

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