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Common Questions about FormaHoof

Welcome to our FormaHoof FAQ page, your one-stop-shop for all the information you need to know about FormaHoof. If you’re looking for a non-invasive, 3D protective hoof support system that provides enhanced protection and allows your horse to move comfortably, then FormaHoof is the solution you’ve been searching for. If at any point you need us we are always here to help just get in touch.

In this section, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about FormaHoof, including how it differs from traditional horseshoes, the hoof problems it can treat, and how to find a qualified professional for application. Read on to learn more about this innovative hoof support system and how it can benefit your horse’s health and performance.

FormaHoof is a non-invasive, 3D protective hoof support system, liquid fit, and designed to operate like a healthy hoof, providing protection while allowing the horse to move comfortably. FormaHoof flexes with the natural movement of the hoof, and allows for new hoof horn to grow in a protected environment.

FormaHoof’s 3D application offers conformation support, lift and protection, which is not possible with traditional 2D horseshoes. FormaHoof’s non-invasive (nail-free) solution offers enhanced protection to horses’ feet.

No, FormaHoof is not a glue-on shoe. FormaHoof Advanced Polymer is a very mild adhesive, but it is the shape of the application that keeps it on the hoof, meaning that there is no damage to the hoof upon removal allowing for healthy new hoof growth.

The FormaHoof Application has a natural concave arch built into the solar plane of the FormaHoof Reusable Mould. This means that the frog and back of the foot are able to offer support to the weight of the horse as it moves, so there is no constriction to the natural function of the hoof.

FormaHoof enhances the natural, healthy function of the hoof by correcting any conformational faults or imbalances, providing the hoof and limb with correct, functional support and protection.

FormaHoof can be used to treat a wide variety of hoof pathologies, including laminitis, navicular, white line disease, abscesses, bruising, increase sole depth, heal hoof cracks and correct Negative Palmar/Plantar Angles and more!

Hooves do not actually breathe! They are predominately made out of a material called keratin and so do not perform any exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide or the by-products associated and released from those gases.

However, good hoof preparation, such as using anti-bacterial hoof spray, is important to create a clean and bacteria/fungus-free environment prior to application to prevent any “hoof funk” from forming underneath the application.

FormaHoof is designed to support your horse’s hooves during any activity, whether it’s jumping, dressage, trail riding, or any other discipline. In fact, many riders have reported improved performance and increased comfort in their horses.

To get the best results, FormaHoof applications are recommended to be carried out by professional trained hoof care provider. It is not mandatory to be a FormaHoof Certified Applicator before applying FormaHoof and many self trimming owners have found success applying FormaHoof themselves.

Please Note: It is mandatory to be a qualified farrier in the UK to affix any permanent shoeing in accordance with The Farriers (Registration) Act 1975

You can find the closest professional providing certified FormaHoof services through the applicator search. However, it is possible to get started with your trusted farrier, trimmer, equine podiatrist or vet at any time.

A FormaHoof application usually lasts for the length of your horse’s regular shoeing cycle, meaning an average of 6-8 weeks, depending upon the natural rate of your horse’s hoof growth and wear through work and type of surface.

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