How to FormaHoof

We have created a Step-by-Step Guide to make it easy for you to understand how to apply FormaHoof and how to remove FormaHoof at the end of the application cycle.

For more, visit the FormaHoof Academy and learn all the theoretical knowledge and practical insights needed to use FormaHoof to the fullest, in our FCA course.

How To Apply FormaHoof

Application Step-By-Step Guide

Preparing Horse's Hoof

Step 1

Remove shoes or previous application, trim and clean the hooves

Mould on Horse's Hoof

Step 2

Prepare your Mould and Consumables for the application. Wrap the mesh (or Flex Mesh) around the prepared hoof and fit the mould.

Applying FormaHoof Advanced Polymer

Step 3

Start applying the FormaHoof Advanced Polymer, beginning at the toe, moving across the sole (toe to heel). Allow the material to set before letting the foot down and filling the sides.

Removing the FormaHoof Hoof Mould

Step 4

Once fully cured, remove ALL injection points (sole, sides, toe, heel) with your nippers and carefully loosen the seal on the top line of the mould (do not use a knife) and remove the Mould.

Trim Horses Hoof

Step 5

Clip off all remaining injection points and clean off any excess material and give the application its finish and further adjustments if needed.

FormaHoof Traction Application Done

Step 6

If using a Traction Mould, you can adjust the length of the traction devices according to preference, usage and ground conditions and you are ready to go.

How To Remove FormaHoof

At the end of an application cycle, FormaHoof applications are removed from the hoof in order to trim the feet.

The polyurethane used by FormaHoof Advanced Polymer is not a strong adhesive and does not form a strong chemical bond to the hoof like other products do, allowing a clean and damage-free removal process within minutes.

FormaHoof Removal Step-By-Step Guide

FormaHoof Removal Step 1

Step 1

Remove the old shoe (where applicable) and gently rasp into the quarters of the FormaHoof application, making sure to only rasp through the application, not into the hoof wall.

FormaHoof Removal Step 2

Step 2

Loosen the seal of the application with your nippers.

FormaHoof Removal Step 3

Step 3

Simply pull the FormaHoof application off the hoof. Done and ready to trim.

Get your horse back on track faster than with any traditional horseshoes and hoof protection.

Get your horse back on track faster than with any traditional horseshoes and hoof protection.

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