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Get expert advice from professional Farrier, Certified Magnawave Practitioner, and FormaHoof Certified Applicator Lindsay Holland.

Consultation Overview

As a farrier, rider, trainer and Certified Magnawave Practitioner, Lindsay looks into every aspect of the horse as a whole. Each system, from physical to emotional, is interconnected, with each system impacting another.

Lindsay’s goal is to bring the horse into balance, no matter what the discipline or lifestyle, so their relationship with us becomes one that is not only enjoyable, but also rewarding.

As a graduate of farrier school in 1999, Lindsay sees FormaHoof as a forward-thinking approach to farriery helping to achieve that goal and bringing us one step closer to a balanced horse. “Sound body, sound mind, sound hooves!”

Qualifications: Farrier, Certified Magnawave Practitioner, FormaHoof Certified Applicator.

Languages: English

Time Zone: Eastern (EST)

Our FormaHoof Expert team is happy to provide virtual consultations to help you find the best solution for your horse’s hoof problems.

To value the time that our experts provide, this service is charged at EUR 50 per consultation of approx. 30 min, representing fantastic value for money to help get your horse on the road to recovery.

As an additional bonus you will also receive a follow up email with a 10% coupon code redeemable against your next FormaHoof order.

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