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Put on my boy’s first set of FormaHoof shoes. The change was immediate! He stepped out beautifully, was completely balanced, and had a light, easy walk and trot. It was simply amazing!
OTTB Hoof Care
E. O'Neal
Thanks to FormaHoof, I can finally start riding my horse again. When I say we’ve tried everything I really mean everything so honestly this feels like a lifesaver for me and my horse!
white line disease horse treatment
S. Hedengren
Well the short story is, I had a lame horse when she showed up and had a mostly sound horse immediately after her FormaHoof application. What an awesome tool!!
Rasp FormaHoof Application
S. Nelson
The most important message I have about the barrel horses and FormaHoof, is the extreme reduction in vet bills that I’ve had. 65% down from last year, and making more runs than before. That’s crazy impressive to me, and I’ll tell anybody who will listen what me becoming a barefoot trimmer and FH applicator have done for my horses and my pocketbook.
FormaHoof Review Megan Mack
M. Mack
I have no idea how this technology helps and is so magical. All I know is my boy was in so much pain, next to zero heels, his toes were growing way out of shape, he had a hoof fracture and was limping bad. Dr Emily Hood turned out to be a blessing for both my boy Raymond and me. After 2 cycles (4 month), we could both enjoyed a small trail ride again.
FormaHoof performance application
B. Maini
With FormaHoof's help and online resources, I taught myself how to apply the product and corrected my horses' issues. It's a straightforward process, and as a complete amateur, I'm impressed with how usable the product is. Without FormaHoof, I don't think I could have addressed the issues in our isolated situation. If I can do it, anyone can!
Kate Redmond Hoof Care
K. Redmond

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