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When learning about a new product, we all agree, that it is best to learn from other users and their experiences. That’s why we created a space for FormaHoof users and interested non-users to connect.

We have created a community to allow everyone a transparent and unfiltered picture when it comes to the use of our product.

The FormaHoof Experience Exchange group on Facebook, allows you to connect with users around the world ask about their experiences, get adv ice and learn from their achievements with FormaHoof.

FormaHoof Reviews Exchange

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The group is private which means, you have to request to join the group. There are three simple questions to answer when joining the group. Once done, go ahead, ask your questions, connect with FormaHoof users of any kind and follow the fantastic progress of many horses around the world.

And always remember ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question’! So get out there and ask whatever you want to know, the community is welcoming and a helpful source for everyone.


See how FormaHoof is used for various hoof pathologies

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Do you prefer speaking to a professional hoof care provider in a 1:1 consultation over discussing hoof problems and concerns in public.

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