Why FormaHoof Appeals to Professionals: Farriers, Vets, and Barefoot Trimmers Speak Out

Unlock unparalleled hoof care with FormaHoof. Explore firsthand accounts from professionals on its efficacy in treating varied equine hoof issues seamlessly.
Horse Hoof Rehab Tool

In the world of equine care, the relentless pursuit of optimal hoof health leads professionals down various paths. FormaHoof has emerged as a beacon on this journey, providing a tool that’s not merely a product but a holistic system for hoof care. Experienced applicators across the globe share their insights on integrating the non-invasive FormaHoof Hoof Care System into their businesses, unraveling a story of transformation, healing, and unbridled success in equine hoof management.

Lindsay Holland: Balancing Healing with Functionality

Horse Hoof Problems Consultation LH

With over two decades of expertise, Ohio-based farrier Lindsay Holland found FormaHoof to be a pivotal addition to her arsenal. “It made sense,” she insists, highlighting the product’s ability to provide a “perfectly balanced ‘prosthetic’ hoof,” which not only permits the return of all hoof functions but also notably enhances healing. Lindsay’s clientele echoes her enthusiasm, continually astounded by the marked, positive shifts observed in their horses within surprisingly short timeframes. FormaHoof, in Lindsay’s practice, has transformed from a tool into a mainstay of hoof protection and rehabilitation.

Aletia Reilingh: Encapsulating and Protecting with 3D Design

For Aletia Reilingh, a farrier from Germany, FormaHoof has been a game-changer in multiple facets of her practice. From offering unparalleled 3-dimensional encapsulation of the hoof to ensuring that the hoof’s mechanism is maintained without the burden of heavy traditional shoe modifications, the advantages have been multifaceted. Aletia’s business has soared, working closely with veterinarians and receiving referrals from fellow farriers, thanks to the immediate and evident comfort FormaHoof brings to horses, eliciting reactions of “absolute amazement” from her clientele.

Joel Brown: Focusing on 3D Hoof Rehabilitation and Remedial Cases

Joel Brown FormaHoof Referral

Joel Brown, a farrier with a meticulous focus on remedial cases, underscores FormaHoof’s efficacy in addressing pathologies that defy conventional modalities. The 3D hoof remodeling and rehabilitation offered by FormaHoof doesn’t merely enhance feet or provide a transient solution. It revolutionizes the entire horse: from posture and movement to thoracic sling and muscle tone. This transformative effect is not only observable by horse owners but emphatically appreciated by the horses themselves, navigating their worlds with newfound comfort and belief in their ability to live pain-free.

Paul Huber: Providing an Alternative Where Others Fall Short

In Sweden, Paul Huber espouses FormaHoof as the ideal horseshoeing method when conditions or hoof quality rule out nailed in horseshoes or glue-on shoes. The minimal risk of complications and ease of the molding process not only facilitates complicated cases but empowers horses with a comfort level that might otherwise be inaccessible. Clients relish the newfound ability to ride and work their horses during rehabilitation – a feat that, in some instances, would be unattainable without FormaHoof.

FormaHoof has emerged as more than a tool – it’s a system, a method, and for many, a veritable lifeline in the intricate world of hoof care and equine management. From the U.S. to Germany to Sweden, hoof care professionals have woven FormaHoof into their practices, witnessing not only transformations in the horses they tend but also experiencing expansions in their businesses and services. With FormaHoof, the path to holistic, non-invasive hoof care has been demystified, opening avenues to not just heal, but also empower, our equine companions.

To learn more about FormaHoof, join the FormaHoof Academy online. If you’re ready to step into a future where non-invasive, 3D-horseshoeing, and hoof rehabilitation are the norms, explore more with FormaHoof, where your success gallops hand in hoof with ours.

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