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FormaHoof Can Help Put Your Horses On The Winning Track To Hoof Recovery – But What Is FormaHoof?

What is FormaHoof?

FormaHoof is a polyurethane liquid fit, non-invasive, 3D protective support system which mimics the perfectly shaped and functional hoof. It is designed to operate just like a healthy hoof does, flexing and expanding like healthy hoof and providing protection while allowing the horse to move comfortably. This in turn facilitates better circulation and creates an environment for accelerated growth.

FormaHoof Benefits For Horses Hoof

Which Hoof Problems Can FormaHoof Be Used For?

FormaHoof is extremely versatile and can be used to treat a wide variety of hoof pathologies, from laminitis, navicular and white line disease, to abscesses, bruising and prolapsed digital cushions, to thin soles, low/crushed heels, hoof and quarter cracks and many more. It is also an excellent prevention tool, helping horses’ feet to recover during the off-season so they can start into a new racing season with strong and healthy feet.

What Is The Difference Between FormaHoof And Traditional Horseshoes?

Try to run a marathon in flip-flops and imagine how much more comfortable you would be in a well-designed running shoe! This is the simplest way to explain the general difference between FormaHoof and a regular steel or aluminium horseshoe.

The 3D application of FormaHoof offers conformation support, lift and protection for the horse that is just not possible with a traditional 2D horseshoe. Furthermore, FormaHoof’s non-invasive (nail-free) solution offers far enhanced protection to horses’ feet.

FormaHoof Comparison to hoof boots

FormaHoof Vs Hoof Boots Vs Traditional Horseshoeing - The Pro's And Con's

Can horses be ridden, trained and raced in FormaHoof?

Yes, absolutely! So long as the overall condition of your horse allows them to work. If you wish to race or compete in FormaHoof, you may need to check with your local federation or racing association. When required for racing or added durability, a traditional shoe can be easily added onto the application without damaging the hoof wall. All FormaHoof applications are approved for competing by the USDF/USEF and many other federations.

FormaHoof Performance applications conform to turf racing rules and are approved by the British Racing Authorities, in combination with an aluminium racing plate.

FormaHoof Mould Or Application

What is the difference between a Mould and an Application?

The FormaHoof Mould is a reusable tool that allows the applicator to carry out a repeatable, liquid fill process.

The FormaHoof application is the result that remains on the hoof once the reusable Mould has been taken off the foot once the application process is completed.

Which FormaHoof Mould

Which reusable FormaHoof Mould suits my needs?

Just as we have different types of shoes for different occasions, there are several different FormaHoof Moulds available for your horse.

Selecting the correct Mould will help ensure that you get the most out of your application and use the correct model for you and your horse’s needs.

Find out more with our Moulds Guide.

What size do I need?

You find detailed sizing information and a sizing table on all product pages and on the FormaHoof Sizing page of our website.

Who can apply FormaHoof?

To get the best results for your horse, we strongly recommend that FormaHoof applications are carried out by professional trained farriers, trimmers, or vets. Horse’s hooves need a regular trim before the FormaHoof application, therefore we highly recommend the process is carried out by a suitably qualified person.

It is NOT mandatory to be a FormaHoof Certified Applicator before applying FormaHoof. The FCA status simply gives a quality seal to individual professionals providing FormaHoof services. If you are a professional and want to become certified check out the FCA courses at the FormaHoof Academy.

How long does the application last?

Whilst FormaHoof is designed to wear like a natural bare hoof, the answer to this question will depend upon the natural rate of your horse’s hoof growth and wear through work and type of surface.

A FormaHoof application usually stays on for the length of your horse’s regular shoeing cycle, meaning an average of 6-8 weeks. However, some may need a 4-week cycle whilst others may have little growth and wear and remain in a set for 10-12-weeks.

How Long Does FormaHoof Last

Showjumper in Turkey with a 5-week cycle, the horse is in work and competes, he has a club-foot and a lot of growth.

Mare FormaHoof Application

An application on a mare with laminitis after 10-weeks, she is in turnout (sand/gravel), not ridden and has naturally very little growth. The application stayed on for another 2 weeks before being replaced with a new one.

Can I talk to others who are using FormaHoof already?

Yes, thanks to the digital world it is easy to chat with others about their experience. Join the FormaHoof Experience Exchange group on Facebook and start chatting with owners and professionals about their experience.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us any time via the chat box on your right or the contact form below.

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