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White Line Disease: Provide Comfort and Relief for Your Horse

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White line disease is a common hoof condition that affects many horses. It occurs when the inner layers of the hoof wall become separated, creating a gap that can be invaded by bacteria and fungi. If left untreated, white line disease can lead to lameness and other serious health problems in horses.

Recognizing the symptoms of White Line Disease early on is crucial to provide effective treatment and prevent further damage.

Some common symptoms of white line disease in horses include:

  • Separation between the hoof wall and the sole
  • Crumbly or powdery white line area of the hoof
  • Hoof wall becoming soft and spongy
  • Hoof becoming misshapen or distorted
  • Foul odour coming from the hoof

White line disease is a painful and uncomfortable condition that can cause a great deal of suffering for horses. Horses often limping in pain with every step they take. Imagine the frustration and sadness of not being able to help them, of watching them suffer day after day. This is the reality for horses with white line disease.

But there is hope. With FormaHoof’s innovative and non-invasive approach to hoof care, you can provide your horse with the relief and comfort they deserve. Don’t let your horse suffer needlessly – try FormaHoof today and give them the care and attention they need to live a happy, healthy life.

FormaHoof's Immediate Impacts

FormaHoof is a non-invasive, flexible, and easy hoof care system designed to provide support and protection to the damaged hoof structures of horses with White Line Disease. The system encapsulates the damaged hoof and creates a liquid fit, cushioned layer between the sole and the shoe or the ground, reducing pressure and pain on the sensitive internal structures of the hoof.

The cushioning and support provided by FormaHoof can help improve the horse’s ability to move, reducing the overall stress levels, and resulting in faster recovery. Moreover, unlike traditional methods that require drug intervention, FormaHoof provides drug-free pain relief, making it a safe and effective treatment option for horses with White Line Disease.

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Your horse deserves the best, and that's exactly what FormaHoof provides. Finding the right size FormaHoof Mould is quick and easy - just measure your horse's hoof length and width.

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How FormaHoof Works

FormaHoof is a simple and repeatable hoof care system that can be learned quickly and used by everyone from horse owners to large equine facilities to ensure the best possible care for their horse’s hooves.

The horse’s hoof is placed into a FormaHoof Mould after a fresh trim. The Mould has insertion points where the Advanced Polymer is pumped in and around the hoof to provide liquid fit comfort. After just 7 – 10 mins the FormaHoof Mould can be removed to reveal the final FormaHoof application.

As the FormaHoof Mould is designed to be the perfect shape of a natural barefoot horse, repeating the process provides the same fantastic results every time!

The final application can then be trimmed as if it were a normal hoof to provide exactly what your horse needs, the FormaHoof application acts and wears exactly like healthy hoof horn.

Over Time

FormaHoof supports better rehabilitation by encapsulating the damaged hoof, protecting, and supporting the sensitive internal structures. This prevents further deterioration and immediately reduces pain, improving the horse’s ability to move and reducing overall stress levels. Additionally, by allowing for mobility during rehab, FormaHoof can help prevent muscle atrophy and other complications that can arise from extended stall rest.

Using FormaHoof can also reduce overall treatment costs by avoiding the need for expensive, invasive procedures like surgery. And because FormaHoof supports a natural barefoot transition, it eliminates the ongoing cost of horseshoes and reduces the risk of reinjury or further complications.

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Easy to Use

Getting started with FormaHoof is easy and accessible for all horse owners. Our online tutorial is free and available to help you understand the process. If you are a confident self-trimming owner, we’ve seen many like you comfort their horses with FormaHoof so don’t wait, get started!

You can also get started with the help of your trusted equine podiatry specialist, farrier, hoof trimmer, or vet by discussing with them or sharing the tutorial with them if you have their email info. We also have a FormaHoof applicator search where you can find professional applicators around the world.

Our free FormaHoof Basics tutorial is a great way to understand FormaHoof and how it can help ensure a successful outcome for your horse’s recovery. Don’t wait, take the first step towards healthier hooves and improved comfort for your horse today with the help of FormaHoof.

Free Online Hoof Care Course FormaHoof Basics

Or share with your hoof care professional:

Getting Started

Getting started with FormaHoof is easy. You just need to measure your horses’ hooves and select the FormaHoof size for your horse. Once you have measured you can, simply get in touch with our team to determine the right size and shape for your horse’s hooves. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process to ensure a perfect fit. Once you have your FormaHoof Kit, it’s easy to apply and begin the healing process.

You can purchase FormaHoof directly from our online store at We ship worldwide, and orders in the US are dispatched from our USA distribution centre, while all other orders are dispatched from our EU distribution centre. We provide fast shipping and exceptional customer service to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Let us help you give your horse the relief and comfort they deserve with FormaHoof.


FormaHoof is an effective solution for horses suffering from white line disease. This painful condition can lead to serious hoof wall separation and infection, compromising the health of the hoof and the overall soundness of the horse. FormaHoof’s liquid fit technology creates a perfect fit to the horse’s hoof, forming a barrier against bacteria and fungi that can lead to white line disease.

This non-invasive fit helps to restore the integrity of the hoof wall and promote healthy hoof growth, ultimately alleviating the pain and discomfort associated with white line disease. FormaHoof provides a supportive and protective solution for horses suffering from this debilitating condition, helping to ensure their comfort and overall health.

The correct size is two simple measurements away. You will find a detailed sizing guide on our FormaHoof Size page.

We recommend our reusable Barefoot Mould for rehab and horses in work and reusable Traction Mould for horses in work or those with minor pathologies who need extra grip.

Our reusable Performance Mould should only be used for racehorses and a traditional horseshoe has to be added to the specially designed lightweight racing application to meet racing requirements.

Yes, anyone who works on their horse’s hooves can apply FormaHoof! Our hoof care system is designed to be simple and repeatable, making it accessible to everyone who wants to provide their horse with the best possible hoof care.

We offer free FormaHoof basic training to all confident self-trimming owners and professional hoof care providers so you can learn the basics of how to use FormaHoof with ease.

For those who want to become FormaHoof Certified Applicators, we offer a certificate system to hoof care professionals. Simply sign up to the FCA Course at any time. Once you’ve displayed your competency with our product, you’ll have the opportunity to list your services on the FormaHoof Applicator database. This means you can easily find a FormaHoof Certified Applicators in your area to provide your horse with expert care.

Don’t have a certified FormaHoof applicator in your area? No problem! You can get your trusted farrier, vet, trimmer, or hoof care provider started with FormaHoof. Simply share our FCA course with them, or if they’re already familiar with FormaHoof and ready to get started, send their details to us at We’ll be happy to help them become certified and join the FormaHoof community.

FormaHoof is currently only available for purchase through our website here at We have streamlined our ordering process by offering complete FormaHoof Kits to make it as easy and convenient as possible for our customers.

Simply visit the FormaHoof online store, browse our range of FormaHoof products, and select the one that best suits your horse’s needs. Then, follow the instructions to complete your order, and we’ll take care of the rest!

We also offer worldwide shipping, from local distribution centres in the US and Europe, so no matter where you’re located, you can get your hands on FormaHoof and start providing your horse with the best possible hoof care. If you have any questions or concerns about the ordering process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re always happy to help!

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