Provide Comfort And Relief For Your Horse During Laminitis Or Founder Rehabilitation

FormaHoof can help put your horse on the road to recovery, quickly and effectively. Let’s take a step together to help your horse on the way to healthier hooves and improved comfort. We are here every step of the way.

FormaHoof is uniquely suited to treating Laminitis as it encapsulates the damaged hoof, protecting and supporting the sensitive internal structures. This prevents further deterioration, whilst also immediately reducing pain and improving the horse’s ability to move. The resulting comfort also reduces overall stress levels, leading to a faster recovery as the horse can quickly return to a regular routine.

Why FormaHoof Is The Ideal Solution

Start Your FormaHoof Journey

At A Glimpse

Immediate Impacts

Fast and drug-free pain relief with protection and support for the damaged hoof structures, in a non-invasive environment

During the rehab

Give your horse a life back! Whilst many traditional methods are combined with stall rest, FormaHoof gives your horse mobility back

Over Time

FormaHoof supports better rehabilitation, reduces overall treatment cost, and facilitates a safe transition to barefoot

Easy to use

Get started with your trusted equine podiatry specialist, farrier, hoof trimmer, or vet at any time via our FREE online tutorial

Laminitis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get the best results for your horse, we strongly recommend applications are carried out by professional trained farriers, trimmers, or vets.

Your horse’s hooves need a regular trim before the FormaHoof application, which we highly recommend is carried out by a suitably qualified person.

Check our FormaHoof Applicator Search for FormaHoof Certified Applicators in your area.

YES. All FormaHoof Moulds are manufactured within the European Union, using only premium quality materials which will allow you to reuse them, again and again.

As with any trade tool, the better you take care of it and treat it, the longer it will last.

The price of a FormaHoof Essentials Kit is 719 EUR. Other currencies are subject to exchange rates which are updated by our system and PayPal automatically.

Your Essentials Kit includes all products you need for a successful start to your FormaHoof journey and beyond.

The 6 tubes (1 small box) of Advanced Polymer included allow horses with average sized feet to have 1-2 barefoot application cycles. Your FormaHoof Mould can be reused up to 100 times.

We ship worldwide and all orders above 750 EUR get shipments free.

If you need your products delivered by express or overnight shipment, please make sure to contact us.

Our return policy foresees 21 days to return or exchange an article purchased online with a valid receipt. You are eligible for a full refund within 21 calendar days of your purchase.

The correct size is two simple measurements away. You will find a detailed sizing guide on our FormaHoof Size page.

We recommend our Barefoot Mould for rehab and horses in work and Traction Mould for horses in work or those with minor pathologies. Our Performance Mould should only be used for racehorses and a shoe has to be added to the specially designed lightweight racing application.

Depending upon the natural rate of hoof growth and wear through work, the application can usually stay on for the length of your horse’s regular shoeing cycle. ​Whilst some horses may have a 4-week cycle, the average lasts 6-8 weeks or longer.

FormaHoof will clearly NOT cure a disease like laminitis or founder, but can support your horse during their rehabilitation by providing drug-free comfort and help to prevent further damage.

How long this will take depends on the condition your horse is in. Most horses can return to barefoot within very few application cycles, whilst severe cases may need a little longer.

If your horse is in an overall condition where riding is allowed, there is no reason why you shouldn’t ride in FormaHoof.

Once the hoof is cleaned and prepared well and the product is applied correctly, FormaHoof provides a clean, moisture controlled and puncture proof environment which prevents the growth of anaerobic bacteria and the development of thrush.

The FormaHoof application is firstly split at both toe quarters with a rasp and then the edge is levered down with a nipper, enabling it to be easily pulled off the hoof.

The polyurethane used by FormaHoof is not a strong adhesive and it does not form a strong chemical bond to the hoof like other products do. FormaHoof sets in the shape of the hoof, being wider at the bottom, which helps ensure it stays in place.

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