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Learn how FormaHoof can get your horse or pony back on track faster than with traditional horseshoes and hoof protection.

FormaHoof Reviews

“Hoof rehab and recovery, it’s a no brainer. I will invest in Moulds that fit them and share my knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to know more about the process. It’s FormaHoof all the way here now, no questions asked!”

Andrea White Horse Owner, Canada

“Tormenta has been my best mare for some time now. She has got even better since wearing FormaHoof.”

Francisco Benardoni Polo Player and Owner of Cotterel Polo Farms at 6S Ranch, USA

“Since then we have applied FormaHoof to dozens of horses. The results have been profound — giving horses immediate pain relief.”

Dr. Bruce Buenger DVM Washington Animal Clinic, USA

“Our clients are delighted with the therapeutic and performance enhancing benefits of FormaHoof.”

Cody & David Andrade Diamond C Farrier Service, USA

“One of my horses has hooves with different angles, which usually results in serious cracks. After a few applications, he had healthier hoof growth with no more cracks, and he’s back jumping 1.40m.”

Dilara Pars Int. showjumper & equine therapist, Turkey

“I have been involved with Performance Horses for 35 years. I have never believed in a foot product more than this. This has been life changing for my boy Houston in his Golden years.”

JJ Hill-Wallace Horse owner, competition rider, USA

“My Appaloosa - Mister P - has been in FormaHoof for about eight months or so now. We really struggled to keep him sound in nailed-on shoes. What a difference since applying FormaHoof! Thank you so much FormaHoof for giving me my horse back. I am a believer.”

Sandie Sourek Horse owner, USA

"This product has not disappointed me. I have seen horses recover from injuries and hoof diseases, that before the application of FormaHoof might be questionable if the horse would return to being a competitive equine athlete."

Bubba Miller Ultimate Farrier Center, USA


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    Support your horse for a healthier life

    Hoof problems lie at the heart of many lameness and soundness issues in horses. FormaHoof allows any hoof imbalances, structural weaknesses or conformation challenges to be quickly and effectively corrected, to give the best chance possible for a lame horse to return to full soundness and for sound horses to stay that way. Shorten recovery time and overall treatment cost with FormaHoof’s patented, reusable moulds.

    Designed by experts, proven in the field

    FormaHoof is the most effective solution to a wide range of hoof problems the equine world faces on a daily basis. From laminitis, thin soles and white line disease to conformation, developmental and poor performance issues, FormaHoof offers immediate pain relief whilst giving stability and support to allow the hoof to regenerate, naturally.

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