FormaHoof products are a paradigm shift in the way equine professionals can treat hoof related issues.

How can FormaHoof help?

• First Aid for hoof issues and damages

• Faster rehab of hoof issues and damages

• Performance enhancement due to the comfort of the horses in the application

• Prevention of future health issues caused by hoof problems

We at FormaHoof, are not trying to re-invent the common horseshoe; we are creating a new space for moulded hoof re-grow products, which in return create a whole new treatment solution for age-old problems, which have not been possible to solve with other technologies yet.

Through our patented process, we can now re-grow what would be a perfect condition hoof, to allow for immediate relief from several common hoof related problems.

Where can FormaHoof products help and support?

• Laminitis recovery

• Navicular syndrome

• High-Low syndrome

• Seedy toe

• Thrush

• White line disease

• Abscess First Aid and recovery

• Hoof cracks

• Hoof related lameness cases

• Palmar angle realignment

• Performance enhancement

• Post surgical support

• Adult limb deformities treatment

• Foal limb deformities treatment



How to apply FormaHoof in eight simple steps.

Step One:

Remove shoes or previous application, trim and clean the hooves.

Step Two:

Measure the trimmed foot and do a quick fit with the FormaHoof Mold to ensure the fit of the mold.

Step Three:

Apply FormaHoof – All-Natural-Antibacterial, fold the mesh and place it on the hoof and impose the mold over the foot. Gently release the foot to and let the horse step on it for a final fit.

Step Four:

Start injecting the FormaHoof Advanced Polymer from the front of the foot. Fill up all the holes to ensure all air is pushed out and place it on the ground.

Step Five:

Wait a few minutes until the Application has cured before removing the mold. Ideally, trim the second foot during this time.

Step Six:

Remove the mold from first foot, starting by breaking the seal and pulling off the mold.

Step Seven:

Remove injection points and any redundant material and give the application it’s finish.

Step Eight:

Trot-up the horse to see, if any further adjustments are needed before releases the horse.

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