Shaping the future of hoof care.

FormaHoof is transforming the way vets, farriers and horse owners think about hoof care.

It uses the kind of breakthrough technology normally reserved for the aerospace industry to give you a new breed of custom-fitted hoof support and protection which is now trusted by many equine professionals. Developed by leading performance specialists, it uses flexible, reusable molds and specially developed materials to give horses durable support that mimics the natural function of the hoof, enabling it to heal and grow naturally.

Hoof treatment, transformed.

Hoof treatment, transformed.

For us, providing effective hoof care means taking the time to study the way a hoof heals. Understanding the mechanics of blood flow, weight distribution and anatomic structures. And conducting rigorous research to ensure proven performance.

The Formahoof system has been trialled, tested and trusted to ensure durable hoof protection under a wide range of climates and environments. We’ve collaborated with equine health professionals, farrier podiatrists, and elite equestrian sportsmen to develop a range of products capable of assisting in reforming damaged and deformed hooves and transforming the lives of horses, everywhere.

Helping horses to get back on their feet and back in the field, faster.

FormaHoof can be used within a treatment and hoof rehabilitation program to help horses that are suffering with damaged and diseased hooves. It can provide almost immediate relief and, in most cases, lead to a swift return to health.

Why Formahoof represents a major leap forward in hoof care technology:

The mold that breaks the mold.

The mold that breaks the mold.

Our molds can be tailored to different hoof shapes, sizes and conditions. Each one is also highly reusable and can be adapted for specific uses, depending on each horse’s size, age, lifestyle and level of activity.  Discover how Formahoof is revolutionising hoof care.

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Our Vision

We believe in creating the most advanced equine podiatry solutions to completely revolutionise hoof care industry. We are constantly focusing on innovating new products to provide comfort and support to the global equine community.

Our Mission

FormaHoof is bringing the latest technologies to the equine industry, which are normally associated with aerospace and defence industries. We aim to develop and supply the tools equine professionals require to ensure they can provide comfort and care during the rehabilitation or competitive needs of their equine partners.