Horse Hoof Care - Protection, Prevention & Rehabilitation

Welcome To FormaHoof – Explore the world of 3D horseshoeing and hoof rehabilitation

FormaHoof is the Only Horseshoeing Method That Can Replicate The Natural Biomechanics Of The Perfect Barefoot Hoof

What is FormaHoof and what is it used for?

FormaHoof can provide a solution to help support rehabilitation of the most common hoof problems such as laminitis, white line disease and more. Furthermore, FormaHoof can provide a sufficient solution to prevent several hoof related pathologies such as bruising, cracking, thrush and more.

Are you looking for tips and insights? Here you can read, watch or listen to real life cases, great hoof rehabilitation success stories and  much more

FormaHoof is easy to use and provides a solution for everyone with trimming skills.

Rehabbing Hooves with FormaHoof - Giving A Horse An Entirely New Hoof And Promoting Healthy Hoof Growth

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