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FormaHoof – Solving hoof problems and improving operational efficiency

so you can concentrate on breeding for success

By incorporating FormaHoof into your hoof management programmes, your business can have healthier horses, whilst also saving money.

Breeding farms, competition and racing yards can benefit enormously from the effective implementation of the FormaHoof podiatry care, with efficiency gains and reduced incidents of lameness leading to considerable annual savings.

By implementing a common set of processes and training employees accordingly, FormaHoof can directly impact spending on unforeseen overheads such as emergency farrier or vet visits, increase horse welfare by offering immediate, medication free rehabilitation options and decrease horse rehab time, facilitating a faster return to work, competition or breeding.

The benefits of FormaHoof for stud farms

  • Broodmares, FormaHoof can be an extremely efficient and effective way to treat laminitis, helping to keep the mare comfortable and sound during pregnancy and so carry comfortably to full term and deliver a strong, healthy foal.

  • Stallions, traditional shoeing can pose a risk to both staff and mares. FormaHoof offers enhanced comfort for the stallion, while improving safety for all concerned.

  • Youngstock, FormaHoof Foal Extensions are expertly designed to offer orthopaedic support to the developing leg while ensuring balance in the hoof capsule, providing an extremely effective way to treat limb conformation faults.

Breeding healthy, sound, talented horses isn’t easy. It takes hard work, skill, dedication, and many years of commitment and attention to detail to achieve results.

The extra weight and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy present challenges for the in-foal mare and the farriers who care for them, with laminitis an ever-present threat. For stallions, hoof pain can affect sperm production and productivity. And for youngstock, the first six months are a crucial time in their development and for proper limb alignment, which are an essential requirement for a consistently sound performance horse.

Every horse is different, with different conformational challenges, varying hoof strengths, and a range of hoof pathologies potentially causing pain and discomfort. With FormaHoof you have one tool that solves an enormous range of hoof-related problems and pathologies quickly, simply, and cost-effectively.

The benefits of FormaHoof for competition and racing yards

  • Allow your horses to return to training and competition faster than with any other shoeing method.

  • FormaHoof is the ideal tool to rehab your horses during winter season or whilst in the preparation phase and allows equine athletes to compete during the season with strong and healthy hooves whilst returning to regular shoeing.

  • FormaHoof applications are approved to be used in competition by the USEF/USDF, the British Horse Racing Authority and many other national and international federations.
Our Team is on hand to assist with the implementation of the FormaHoof at your facilities, tailored to the needs of your individual needs. Our Resource – Process – Value framework:


We help you to plan for and manage the resources your facilities will need, including equipment, employee training, best product types for your set-up, support technologies and communication management with your suppliers, customers, vets and farriers.


Our team can help you to create and implement successful process systems to allow for efficient, timely communication and decision making and their effective coordination within your facility.


Your values are the foundation upon which your success is built. Horse Welfare and Wellbeing is the key to success for any equestrian and equine facility. Clear, ethical values that support the welfare of you equine assets will allow employees at all levels to make fast, effective, decisions and to prioritise what matters to your business the most.

Predictable savings

Using FormaHoof for a number of horses under your care, the annual savings can be considerable and the unpredictability of treatment severely reduced as delivers immediate results, assisting your farrier in the fight against a multitude of hoof-related disorders with one tool and a repeatable process which will reduce the number of farrier or vet visits for the most common hoof related pathologies.

Interested in finding out more?

Contact us today to discover how your yard or farm can benefit from FormaHoof and to access our introductory offers. Our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to help make hoof problems a thing of the past.

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