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How much does FormaHoof cost?

Understanding FormaHoof Pricing

Since the launch of FormaHoof, myths developed about how much FormaHoof should cost, both for owners and equine service providers alike.


We acknowledge that during the early years’ prices were considerably higher. However, as we have grown and developed our network, we have been able to make FormaHoof pricing a lot more competitive.


We work hard to ensure that our pricing is transparent and should be made clear to all, with pricing for all FormaHoof products and consumables clearly visible in our store.


However, several customers have asked us for a further breakdown and analysis of what a FormaHoof bill should look like and so we felt that making this information easily available would be beneficial to our customers.

FormaHoof Cost infographic

The pricing is dependent on 3 main factors:

Working with senior applicators, we can describe in detail the consumable cost which goes into a FormaHoof application; however, we cannot comment on labour and services costs due to the variation in prices (mainly based on location). For the example below, we use the costs for a size 4 mould, which is one of our most common mould sizes.

Most applicators tend to amortise the cost of moulds over each application. For the purpose of this example, we are using a rate of 17 EUR/ 20 USD per foot for the small moulds, and 35 EUR/ 40 USD per foot for the large ones (size 8 for example). This may be explained as a rental to customers, meaning that a customer is essentially renting the mould for the application service.

Total material cost:  approx.. 175 EUR/ 199 USD (for a size 4 mould, with FormaHoof applications on 2 front feet). Prices may vary for different sizes due to consumable usage (e.g. a bigger size may need more polymer).


Applications should typically last 4 – 8 weeks, depending on hoof growth and wear.

If you feel you have been quoted incorrectly for FormaHoof services, please contact us via the contact form below.

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