Advanced Polymer (AP)

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FormaHoof Advanced Polymer – Available in Quantities of 6 or 12 tubes.

FormaHoof AP is a tough, flexible and easy to apply 2-part polyurethane resin which has been specially developed for the FormaHoof Hoof Care Systems.

The resin sets quickly within the FormaHoof Mould and once the Mould is removed then provides an extension to the hoof wall to deliver comfort, support and protection to the hoof without the need for nails or glue.

The finished application is conformationally correct and can be treated as you would treat the natural hoof and can be trimmed and rasped accordingly.

For a size 4  FormaHoof Mould you will need roughly 1-1.5 tubes of FormaHoof Advanced Polymer (AP) per foot.

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Measure your horse’s hoof length and width, if they are within the same range of measurements shown in the chart; choose the Regular Fit.

If the foot is longer than it is wide, a Slimline Fit is the better choice for your horse.

See detailed Measuring Guide here

FormaHoof Hoof Sizing Guide