Why Non-Approved Products Should Be Avoided When Applying FormaHoof, For Your Horse’s Sake

Discover why using authentic FormaHoof products is critical for effective hoof care, preventing damage to tools & ensuring your horse’s wellbeing.
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Embarking on a journey towards optimal hoof health for your horse is commendable, but it’s vital to ensure that every step taken is secure and in the right direction. Using genuine, authentic FormaHoof products is not just a recommendation – it’s an essential practice to guarantee the safety and efficacy of the hoof care provided. Here, we delve into the paramount importance of adhering strictly to FormaHoof’s engineered hoof care system, shunning alternatives that might jeopardize both the tool and, more critically, your horse’s hoof health.

A System Rooted in Comprehensive Research

In the quest for a hoof care solution that truly understands and mirrors the natural anatomy and functionality of a horse’s hooves, FormaHoof has emerged through a rigorous, 2-year development and testing phase. The meticulous process involved multiple iterations, ensuring that every aspect – from the mould design to the special AP polymer formulation – was optimized to harmoniously work together, creating a system where every component plays a critical role.

The Risks of Deviation

Veering away from the authentic FormaHoof hoof care system components and opting for non-approved products is not only a gamble but a tangible threat to your horse’s wellbeing. While the initial lure might be cost-saving, the resultant damage, both immediate and long-term, is immeasurable in contrast. Cases of hoof damage due to untested materials, reduced application durability, and potentially dire consequences during the removal process are not mere possibilities but real, observed incidents.

An Economical Fallacy

Choosing non-approved alternatives under the guise of economy proves to be a starkly false savings strategy. Beyond the obvious and imperative concern of your horse’s comfort and health, the financial ramifications of correcting issues caused by subpar products can soar into the thousands. The initial purported savings quickly become irrelevant amidst the spiralling costs of rectifications and, more critically, the avoidable suffering endured by the horse.

Integrity in Every Application

The integrity of FormaHoof’s AP polymer is not merely in its adhesive properties but its engineered capacity to flex and move akin to a natural hoof. This aspect is pivotal during the rehabilitation process of the hoof, ensuring that the weight is distributed evenly, alleviating the stress on damaged structures, and safeguarding against further harm during the removal process—crucial especially in managing conditions like Laminitis.

The Security of Certified Knowledge

The FormaHoof Academy was established not merely as a knowledge base but as a tool to ensure that every FormaHoof application adheres to a standard that guarantees the safety and efficacy promised by our system. Certification is more than a badge—it’s a commitment to adhering to processes and utilizing products that have been rigorously tested and proven to safeguard your horse’s hoof health.

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