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Qualify as a FormaHoof Certified Applicator to demonstrate to your clients that you can provide quality FormaHoof applications.

FCA Course English Overview

Become a FormaHoof Certified Applicator with our full online training and assessment.

FormaHoof Certified Applicators are people who operate equine hoof care services, from trimmers to farriers, and vets. Everyone working the professional field of equine podiatry qualifies to offer certified services to their clients and horses.

The FormaHoof Certified Applicator Course is from professionals for professionals, guiding you through the fundamentals of FormaHoof, providing best practice training for optimum results.

The course is structured in 3 video modules with accompanying download documents, followed by the theoretical and practical exams. The entire course can be done remotely in your preferred location and at your own pace.

After passing the theoretical and practical assessment, professionals may be certified to become an official FormaHoof Certified Applicator.

The certification for FormaHoof Certified Applicators can only be completed with proof of business by a professional (farriers, vets, trimmers, equine podiatrists).

The cost of purchasing a FormaHoof Essentials Kit (or any initial purchase of moulds) is not included in the Course fee. However, you will receive a 10% discount coupon soon after registering on the course to help you prepare a FormaHoof Application for assessment.

Additionally, there are several additional benefits to becoming a FormaHoof Certified Applicator, including discounted product prices, advertisement via the FormaHoof Applicator Search and more.

Step ahead of your competition and give your customers peace of mind with expert education and approved quality.

Although FormaHoof Certified Applicators are a core member of the FormaHoofer’s, FormaHoof do not employ applicators. The FCA status is simply recognition of this person’s knowledge and ability with the FormaHoof Hoof Care System.

Features & Benefits of FormaHoof for Professionals

One-stop shop – FormaHoof is a very versatile solution to treat a variety of hoof pathologies such as laminitis, white line disease, navicular disease, crushed heels and much more. It allows to easily facilitate complicated cases and makes horses comfortable where there have been no options before.

Amazing Results – Once you experience it, you can’t un-see it! It is the mainstay of hoof protection and rehabilitation for many professionals worldwide.

Holistic Approach – FormaHoof’s 3D-Farriery addresses the issuers of the whole horse perspective; it’s not just improving feet or getting through the rider’s “next event” in whatever discipline.

Replicate Perfection3D-hoof re-modeling and rehabilitation will change the entire horse, posture, movement, thoracic sling, top line, muscle tone and most importantly the horses’ belief in him(her) self that they can live in comfort and strength of the movement and be a horse, using their feet and moving is essential to the horses’ function. Sound feet are the key to attaining the goal, it simply fits the horse.

Client Satisfaction – The ideal solution to keep your clients and their horses’ happy.

Trade Discounts – With the included FCA course, you can get your services certified and take advantage of life-long discounts and much more to offer your clients services at competitive pricing model.

Business Exposure – We encourage professionals to register their services within our applicator search and promote and support the generation of new business for your FormaHoof services.

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