Consumables Product Guide

FormaHoof Consumables are those items needed in addition to your Mould, to complete a successful Application

FormaHoof Advanced Polymer

FormaHoof Advanced Polymer
FormaHoof Advanced Polymer (AP) is a tough, flexible and easy to apply 2-part polyurethane resin, which has been specially developed for FormaHoof Hoof Care Systems.

The resin sets quickly within the Mould and once the Mould is removed then provides an extension to the hoof wall to deliver comfort, support and protection to the foot, without the need for nails or strong glue.

The finished application is conformationally correct and can be treated as you would treat the natural hoof and so can be trimmed and rasped accordingly.

FormaHoof AP is available in boxes of 6 or 12 tubes.

How much Polymer do I need?

For a size 4 barefoot or performance application you will need roughly 1-1.5 tubes per foot. Experienced applicators may need less than inexperienced applicators.

Please note, traction applications need slightly more AP as the traction devices need to be filled.

What is the difference to other products on the market?

FormaHoof Advanced Polymer imitates the natural hoof and allows the hoof capsule to expand in a natural way.

Compared to glue products, there is no need to worry about wall damage when removing the FormaHoof AP application at the end of its cycle, as it peels straight off the hoof wall.

Third-party glues and polymers can cause damage to your horse’s hoof and destroy your reusable FormaHoof Mould, therefore we do not recommend the use of other brands.

Mixing Tips

FormaHoof Mixing Tips have a specially designed mixing pattern to allow fast flow and mixing of the 2-part FormaHoof AP.

The use of other brands may cause incorrect mixing of the FormaHoof Advanced Polymer and can affect the overall results and longevity of your applications.

Applicator Gun

The FormaHoof Applicator Gun is tested by our team and recommended to inject FormaHoof Advanced Polymer into reusable FormaHoof Moulds during the application process.


FormaHoof Horse Hoof Mesh

Initial orders (Moulds and Kits) are shipped with free mesh.
Subsequently, this mesh can be sourced separately. We highly recommend using the same structure and weight class of mesh as shown , as this has been thoroughly tested by our team: the Coolaroo 302214 Screening Shade Fabric in 70% UV Block, (6′ x 15′). It is available on Amazon, eBay and in various hardware shops in many countries.

Red Horse Sole Cleanser

A specially developed all-natural antibacterial spray that is applied to the hoof prior to the FormaHoof application. Red Horse Sole Cleanse disinfects the frog and sole to reduce and prevent foul odour and blackening. Its active ingredients destroy bacterial and fungal microbes and help healthy tissue to grow.

Is there anything else I need?

There are some additional items that we highly recommend to make your life easier. However, it is up to each individual to decide on their personal need and to purchase them locally.

Silicon Spray

Cleaning your FormaHoof Moulds regularly with a good quality silicon base spray will extend their life and help to prevent them from becoming damaged. At FormaHoof, we use WD-40 Silicon. However, other brands can provide the same effect.

Additional Pro Tips & Tricks for the use of DIM, hoof disinfection & cleanliness


A good antibacterial treatment will help ensure the cleanliness of the hoof before application. The best option is Red Horse Sole Cleanse from the FormaHoof Shop. Alternatively, you can use medical alcohol which is easily purchased at your local pharmacy.

Why Use Alcohol?

Dental Impression Material (DIM)

We recommend the use of DIM with FormaHoof Applications.

How To Use It?

You can purchase DIM at your local farrier shop, online, or directly from a dentist.

Adding copper sulphate to your DIM

Why Use Copper Sulphate?

Only use small amounts and use with caution, as overuse can be counterproductive.

⚠️ Wear gloves when handling copper sulphate ⚠️

A good rasp to prepare the foot - Which rasp to use when?

Regular rasp
Used to trim and prepare the barefoot hoof as normal.

Cody James (medium) rasp
Used to prepare the wall for the application and to allow the application to bond better with the hoof wall

Shinto rasp
Similar to the Cody James, this rasp can be used to prepare the hoof and wall. It is a more compact version and can help to prepare smaller feet more easily than a regular-sized rasp.

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