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FormaHoof is a patented 3D horseshoeing and hoof rehabilitation system that offers better support to horse’s hooves. It’s a highly effective solution for a wide range of hoof problems and can greatly improve the comfort and well-being of horses. However, as with any horse-related investment, it’s important to understand the costs involved with FormaHoof. In this article, we’ll break down the various factors that can affect the cost of FormaHoof, so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right choice for your horse.

What is FormaHoof and Why is it Popular in Hoof Care?

FormaHoof is a revolutionary technology in hoof care that offers a unique 3D approach to protecting and strengthening horses’ hooves. Its popularity stems from its ability to provide a custom fit for each horse, ensuring optimal hoof health and stability.

With its reusable Moulds and easy to repeat application process, FormaHoof has become the go-to option for horse owners and hoof care professionals looking for the best in hoof care solutions. Discover the benefits of FormaHoof and why it’s quickly becoming the preferred choice for horse hoof care.

Understanding the Benefits of FormaHoof for Horses

FormaHoof offers numerous benefits for horses’ hooves, making it a top choice in hoof care. From improved hoof health and stability to increased protection against injuries, the unique 3D technology of FormaHoof offers horse owners peace of mind knowing their horses’ hooves are in good hands.

The custom fit of the FormaHoof application also helps to evenly distribute weight and support the hoof, reducing the risk of common hoof problems such as cracks and imbalances. Whether you’re looking for a preventive solution or need to address specific hoof issues, FormaHoof provides the very best in hoof care for horses.

FormaHoof Benefits

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The Unique 3D Technology Behind FormaHoof

FormaHoof sets itself apart from other hoof care options with its innovative 3D technology. A FormaHoof Mould is the first step into 3D hoof care. After a brief clean and dry of the hooves, the horse’s leg is raised and the Mould is popped onto the hoof. It’s good to let your horse to gently stand in the FormaHoof Mould, to make sure the fit is perfect. The Advanced Polymer is then pushed from the tubes through the Mixing Tips (to balance the perfect mix from each tube) using the Applicator Gun.

Once the Mould is filled with Advanced Polymer it becomes weight bearing after 1 – 2 minutes and then the Mould can be completely removed after 7- 10 minutes. Once the Mould is removed, the result is the “FormaHoof Application” which are the images of FormaHoof people are most familiar with – an external protective layer that is formed around the unique shape of each individual horse’s hoof.

The result is a custom-fit hoof care solution that provides maximum support and protection, helping to improve hoof health and stability. The 3D technology behind FormaHoof makes it the best choice for horse owners seeking the highest level of hoof care.

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The Cost of FormaHoof: Factors That Affect the Price

The cost of FormaHoof can vary based on several factors, including the materials used, location, and the level of professional care required. Horse owners should understand that investing in the best hoof care for their horse can have long-term benefits, including improved hoof health, stability, and a reduced risk of injury.

While FormaHoof may seem to have higher upfront cost compared to other hoof care options, the investment pays off in the long run with many added benefits and high-quality results. When considering the cost of FormaHoof, horse owners should weigh the factors that affect the price and make an informed decision that best fits their budget and horse’s needs.

Hoof boots, pads or speciality shoes end up costing more when you factor in the time required to protect and repair your horses’ hooves, when you make a direct comparison it’s clear that FormaHoof offers all-round superior protection.

Materials Used in FormaHoof and Their Impact on Cost

Many components of the FormaHoof Hoof Care System, such as the Mould, are reusable tools that form a major part of the application process. Usually, you need just one size of Regular Mould to do both front feet and one size Slimline Mould for both hind feet of a horse.

Preparing the hoof is really easy, but we do suggest that you use Red Horse Sole Cleanse antibacterial spray to start with a good environment for hoof support.

Once you have the key components, you just need to work out how much Advanced Polymer might be needed. For a down the middle FormaHoof size, a rough approximate is 2 tubes per hoof that FormaHoof is being applied to.
Mixing tips provide the perfect flow of Advanced Polymer into the FormaHoof Mould.

The Essential and Starter Kits come with a bag of 100 Mixing Tips, which will be more than enough for quite a number of applications. These are available in the FormaHoof shop when you eventually need to restock though!

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The Importance of Proper Hoof Care and How It Affects FormaHoof Cost

Proper hoof care is essential for the overall health and well-being of horses. Neglecting hoof care can lead to numerous issues, including imbalances, cracks, and increased risk of injury. These problems can be expensive to treat and may require frequent trips to the farrier or veterinarian.

By investing in proper hoof care with FormaHoof, horse owners can help prevent common hoof issues from developing and reduce their long-term horse care costs.

The cost of FormaHoof is influenced by the level of care required, with more extensive hoof care needs potentially leading to more applications required. However, it is also worth factoring in how fast FormaHoof can provide comfort to your horse and the value that offers. It has been seen to give a second lease of life to horses that had been previously given up on.

Location and Availability of FormaHoof

FormaHoof products are available to order Worldwide 24/7 through our online store. Orders placed in the USA are fulfilled quickly from our warehouse in the USA, while orders for the Rest of the World are dispatched from our European warehouse.

The location and availability of FormaHoof application services can also affect its cost. Horse owners should research the availability of experienced FormaHoof applicators in their area to determine if it is a feasible option for their horse’s hoof care needs.

Although more and more professionals have started to incorporate FormaHoof as a solution for their clients, in some areas FormaHoof may not be readily available, leading to higher travel costs for horse owners.

Some confident self-trimming owners have adapted to isolated locations or locations without farriers, vets, or barefoot trimmers offering the service by enrolling in our FormaHoof Basics course and seeing if it is something that they could apply themselves. The process is very easy to learn and do, with owners around the world successfully applying FormaHoof to their own horses.

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The Role of Professional Hoof Care Practitioners in FormaHoof Cost

Another factor to consider when determining the cost of FormaHoof is whether you’ll be applying it yourself or using a FormaHoof Certified Applicator. If you choose to apply FormaHoof yourself, the best place to start is with the Essentials Kit. This kit contains all the necessary components to get started with FormaHoof, including enough Advanced Polymer for an initial treatment cycle (4-6 weeks), mixing tips for multiple applications, and a reusable FormaHoof Mould and Applicator Gun.

When considering the cost of using a FormaHoof Certified Applicator (FCA), it is important to understand that it will typically include the cost of consumables such as the FormaHoof Advanced Polymer and Mixing Tips, as well as a small fee for using the FCA’s FormaHoof Mould. The cost may vary based on the FCA and the size of the mould required for the horse. However, many FCAs will have the right size moulds on hand, so it may not be necessary to pay for the horse owner for the mould separately.

In some cases, the FCA may direct you to purchase the FormaHoof Advanced Polymer directly from the FormaHoof website. If the FCA does not have the correct size of Mould for your horse, they may suggest that you purchase the FormaHoof Essentials Kit, which contains all the necessary components for an initial application, including the correct mould size for your horse and 6 tubes of Advanced Polymer. If the FCA is unsure about the appropriate mould size, they should reach out to FormaHoof customer care for assistance.

Overall, it is important to keep in mind that using FormaHoof, whether through an FCA or even as a self-trimming horse owner, the Essentials Kit can provide numerous benefits for your horse’s hoof health and comfort and is a worthwhile investment for most horses and most cases.

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Finding the Best FormaHoof Option for Your Horse: Cost vs. Quality

When evaluating the cost of FormaHoof, horse owners should consider both the cost and quality of the option. While the lowest cost option may seem appealing, it may not be the best choice for their horse’s hooves. On the other hand, the highest cost option may not be necessary for all horses.

Horse owners should seek out a FormaHoof option that strikes a balance between cost and quality, ensuring that their horse receives the best hoof care at a price they can afford. Horse owners can research FormaHoof options, compare prices, and seek out recommendations from other horse owners to find the best FormaHoof option for their horse.

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Evaluating the Different FormaHoof Options and Their Prices

When considering the cost of FormaHoof, horse owners should evaluate the different options and their prices. FormaHoof comes in various Types (Barefoot, Performance, Traction), Fits (Regular, Slimline), and Sizes designed to meet the specific needs of each individual horse. Horse owners should research the different options and determine which one best fits their horse’s hooves and their budget.

Some FormaHoof options may be more affordable, while others may provide additional features and benefits that justify a higher cost. For example, our highest end Professional Kit provides farriers, vets and trimmers with the option to purchase a single kit that will allow them to cater to every horse that could possibly present for their service.

Horse owners should compare the different options and prices to determine which one provides the best value for their horse’s hoof care needs.

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Balancing Cost and Quality for Optimal Hoof Care for Your Horse

The final factor to consider when determining the cost of FormaHoof is the hoof problem you’re trying to solve or protect against. For example, if you’re using FormaHoof to treat a hoof disease, you may need to apply it for a longer period of time to see the full benefits. On the other hand, if you’re using FormaHoof as a preventative measure during a time when your horse is on the trail and then on rest, you may only need to use it for a specific period of time.

The FormaHoof AP is specifically designed not to be too adhesive, because if this were the case the damaged portion of the hoof would be at risk of further extensive damage during the removal process. Some polymers on the market that are designed to work with glue-ons are especially adhesive for this purpose. In contrast, the FormaHoof application relies on the bell-shape of the 3D application to remain attached to the hoof. Read more about why non-approved products should be avoided when applying FormaHoof, for your horse’s sake.

Finally, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of FormaHoof when determining its cost. Whether you’re trying to improve your horse’s comfort, happiness, balance, or you’re treating a hoof disease, FormaHoof can provide the support and protection your horse needs. And, in the end, that’s the true value of FormaHoof.

In conclusion, the cost of FormaHoof can vary depending on several factors, including whether you’re applying it yourself or using a FormaHoof Certified Applicator, the hoof problem you’re trying to solve or protect against, and the long-term benefits of using FormaHoof. By taking the time to understand these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether FormaHoof is the right choice for your horse and its hoof care needs.

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