How much does FormaHoof cost

How Much Does FormaHoof Cost

Understanding FormaHoof Pricing

Since the launch of FormaHoof, there have been multiple myths on the market about how much FormaHoof should cost, both for owners and equine service providers alike. We acknowledge that during the early years’ prices were considerably higher, however as we have developed and grown our network, pricing is a lot more competitive.

The pricing is transparent and should be made clear to all, with pricing for products and consumables available through our store, but we believe a further breakdown and analysis of what a FormaHoof bill should look like would be beneficial to our customers.

FormaHoof Cost Breakdown Infographic

The pricing is dependent on 3 main factors:

  • The size of the horse, and corresponding mould used. This will vary the amount of FormaHoof Advanced Polymer required to complete the application.

  • The overheads charged by the applicator. Applicators typically charge for their time and travel expenses related to each service offered, and any third-party consumables that may be used in the process, such as pads, DIM etc.

  • The complexity of the case. Typically, the complexity of the case will vary the amount of time an applicator has to spend with the horse.

Working with senior applicator, and FormaHoof consultant Joel Brown, himself an MBA and Msc, he describes in detail below how to he prices a service and advises on the best approach:

“I was advised by another FormaHoof applicator when I started that $250 US was his price typical quarter horse size 4 (per foot)” Joel mentions. When investigating the reasoning behind this costing Joel performed the following analysis and breakdown.

He first split the costs into 3 sections:

  1. Labour – Time required for the application including any travel required to reach the customer.

  2. Service(s) offered – Consultation, trimming, application Etc

  3. Consumables required – How much FormaHoof AP would be required to complete the job.

A typical example for Joel would be:

Labour & Services:

  1. Consultation (1/2 hour, assess any x-rays or information available, fit the mould and assess the horses’ issue) – 60 USD

  2. Trim for 2 front feet (based on a size 4 mould, FormaHoof specific) – 60 USD

  3. Hoof preparation and application of FormaHoof (including finishing, 100 USD per foot) – 200 USD

  4. Travel (120 Mile round trip average) – 40 USD

Total Labour and Services: 360 USD (2 feet)


Joel explains that he treats the moulds as consumables (because they do not last forever) and amortises an amount per service on each application, at a rate of 10 USD per foot on the small moulds, and 25 USD per foot for the large ones (size 8 for example). This may be explained as a rental to customers, meaning that they are essentially renting the mould for the service.

  1. Mould amortisation – 50 USD (For large moulds)

  2. Tips – 1.50 USD (4 used)

  3. FormaHoof AP polymer – 38 USD per tube used (4 used)

  4. Third party products (DIM, Mesh, antibacterial etc) – 30 USD

Total Consumables: 238 USD

Grand total Labour, Service and Consumables: 598 USD for 2 feet

Applications should typically last 4 – 6 weeks at an average cost to the owner of 100 – 150 USD per week. FormaHoof does not need to be treated as a permanent solution, once the hooves are suitably rehabilitated the horse may go back to being barefoot. However, due to an increased drive for non-invasive hoof protection options, we are observing an increase in the number of customers that see FormaHoof as a permanent hoof protection solution.

FormaHoof have a special discount code thanks to Joel, where customers using the coupon code U2AYXVHNQ2 at checkout in the FormaHoof shop will receive 25 Euro (or own currency equivalent) off their first order!

Alexander Papantoniou<br> FormaHoof CEO

Alexander Papantoniou
FormaHoof CEO

As CEO of FormaHoof, Alexander holds an undergraduate degree in Economics & Law and is an Alum of the Stanford GSB. He has spent most of his career as a successful tech entrepreneur, based out of the Middle East.

He is a firm believer in creating passionate and driven teams, which led to the creation of the current FormaHoof executive organisation, all of whom have an equine background and a keen interest in improving equine welfare around the globe.

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