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Are you not sure, if FormaHoof is the right choice for your horse? Book your independent in-depth consultation to find out.

As horse owners, we want the very best for our animals and to be able to give them the care and support they deserve. If your horse is facing laminitis, white line disease, navicular disease or any other hoof related problem, you know that every horse and every case is different, and you want the very best approach for the problems that your own horse is facing.

At FormaHoof we aim to provide the best services and quality advice at every stage of your journey. To provide you with the best possible consultation, we have a dedicated team of experts available to discuss your horse’s pathology, treatment options and opportunities in detail with you.

Our FormaHoof Expert team is happy to provide consultations via video chat (zoom), to allow for the sharing of images, videos, x-rays etc. WhatsApp voice and video calls, Skype or local calls can be arranged on request.

Are you a farrier, trimmer or vet and require mentoring on the way to your FormaHoof Certified Applicator exams? The experienced FormaHoof experts are here to help and support you on your way.

With experts across the world, we hope to cater for the most common time zones. Once you have booked a consultation, our team will be in touch to confirm a suitable time with your chosen expert and will arrange all the necessary details with you.

To value the time that our experts provide, this service is charged at EUR 50 per consultation/mentoring session of approx. 30 min, representing fantastic value for money to help get your horse on the road to recovery.

Book 1:1 time with your preferred expert via the links below. We are here to help.

Hoof Expert Consultation

Nutrition Expert Consultation

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