Talk to a Hoof Expert Online: Consultation Service

Struggling with horse hoof issues? Book a 30-min consultation with FormaHoof’s experts. Get personalized advice for laminitis, navicular disease, and more.
Horse Hoof Specialist Online Consultation

Navigating through your horse’s hoof issues? Secure expert advice remotely, tailored just for you and your equine friend.

Unlock Expert Advice Tailored for Your Horse’s Hoof Health

When it comes to the well-being of our horses, every guardian seeks the best – especially navigating through challenges like laminitis, white line disease, or navicular disease. At FormaHoof, we unite under a common goal: Providing in-depth, specialized advice to guide you at every step of your horse’s hoof care journey.

Why Choose FormaHoof for Your Consultation?

Bespoke Advice for Unique Cases: Every horse, every case is distinct. Our team delves into the specifics of your horse’s pathology, ensuring the advice is as unique as they are.

Global Expert Team: With consultants spanning time zones, we aim to be accessible whenever you need us, providing assistance via various online platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, and Skype.

Holistic Consultations: Share images, videos, and X-rays with our experts during a detailed video chat, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your horse’s condition.

Support Beyond Consultation: Are you a vet, farrier, or trimmer aspiring towards FormaHoof Certification? Leverage our expertise to guide you through your exams and practices.

Book Your 1:1 Online Consultation Today

For just EUR 50 per 30-minute session, gain access to a wellspring of knowledge and support, aiding in placing your horse on the swift road to recovery.

Expert Spotlight

Bart Lambert, Renowned Farrier: Available for in-depth discussions and consultations specific to your horse’s needs. Book now.

Joel Brown, Expert Farrier: Dive deep into advanced hoof care strategies with Joel. Book now.

Lindsay Holland, Horse Hoof Problem Specialist: Gain insights into solving complex hoof issues with Lindsay. Book now.

Sven Targett, Acclaimed Racehorse Farrier: Tap into racehorse-specific hoof care advice and strategies with Sven. Book now.

Lisa Elliott, Equine Nutrition Expert: Explore the world of equine nutrition to complement hoof care and overall well-being with Lisa. Book now.

Your Horse’s Health is Our Priority

We’re dedicated to providing tailored advice, support, and expertise to ensure your horse navigates through hoof issues with utmost care and precision

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