Comforting Club-Footed Horses With FormaHoof

Dynamik Stallions is a German Riding Pony Stallion Station and breeding barn located in Western Australia, founded and managed by Kristy Jarvis, a horsewoman whose vision and commitment has seen Dynamik grow into one of the most successful pony breeding operations in Australia today.

“I imported the first licensed German Riding Pony to stand at public stud into Australia in 2008. Since then, I have imported 6 stallions that are bred by AI Australia-wide and this breed is now extremely popular.

The German Riding pony is a breed type that is highly successful in national and international competition with children. The breed is extremely versatile and has the athletic ability to be successful at all levels in Dressage, Jumping and Carriage Driving. The GRP is suitable for children and small adults, with their excellent temperaments and pony characteristics combined with elastic and expressive gaits.

I breed between 4 and 6 quality foals per year to prepare for sale and raise for clients until they are ready to go under saddle. I am so happy that with all the hard work the progeny of my stallions are giving so much enjoyment and success to many adults and children all over Australia.

I compete the stallions myself in Dressage and have had many years of competition success, as well as managing the breeding of the stallions and managing our broodmare, foals and youngstock.”

Dynamic Stallions Team With Horses
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Meet Angelic

horse club foot treatments that work

Chestnut Overo German Riding Pony cross

DOB : 5th September, 2013
Height : 14.2hh (147.3 cms)
Sire – Trussardi D (Imp)
Dam – Dakota
Breeder – Sarah Dolan, Sarlia Park, WA
Australia – Registered with the Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc. Reg. No. 10418
Germany – Registered with the Westfalen Verband, DE402980003413 (Vorbuch)

Angelic is an excellent uphill type of mare, a trait stamped by her sire Trussardi D who is known to pass on a superb neck set and shoulder. With her correct conformation she is a dream pony type. Angelic has very correct paces with a huge ground covering walk and trot and her canter shows her strength and power.

She has a wonderful laid back character like her sire and is always very easy to handle and work with. Given that this mare is so heavily stamped by her sire, she is a super asset to the Dynamik Stallion’s breeding barn.

Her sire, Trussardi D is a proven sire with successful progeny in Europe and Australia. He was Premium Licensed in Westphalia, Germany and was awarded an Elite title in his short test. He was the winner of two Bronze medals at the prestigious Bundeschampionate and has success in dressage up to PSG level and has proven jumping ability.

Angelic’s dam was a super riding horse and also excelled in liberty work. She has passed on her overo markings to Angelic – one can never have enough bling!


Providing comfort to club-footed horses - Angelic goes FormaHoof

Angelic was born with excellent conformation and perfectly straight legs. However, at around 10 months of age she needed check ligament surgery, as it became evident that she was developing a club foot. The vet also believed that there were some nutritional deficiencies during her growing phase that were causing this acquired hoof deformity.

The mare’s surgery was successful, with a marked improvement in hoof structure and she recovered well during the confinement phase. Unfortunately, a few months after this she injured herself in the paddock and had to undergo two more surgeries on the tendons in this leg. The result was that she was paddock sound, but she now has a very narrow hoof and significant scar tissue in her injured leg.

Given that this was an acquired hoof issue and not congenital or genetic, the mare has been used as a broodmare. She was sound and moved very well after her first three foals, however as she entered the last trimester carrying her fourth foal, it became evident that she was experiencing some lameness as her bodyweight increased.

Despite managing the mare with a shoe to offer support to the hoof and acupuncture treatments and soft tissue work performed to keep her comfortable, she felt pain around the scar tissue and held tension and pain through her neck and shoulder. It was decided by her owners that she may only be able to have one more foal and then be retired from her broodmare duties. However, the application of FormaHoof has totally changed everything for this mare.

Once she was in FormaHoof, the mare stayed sound and comfortable during her third trimester and for the birth of her fifth foal. The veterinary chiropractor and acupuncturist who treated her commented that her whole posture had changed. There was no pain in the soft tissues around her cannon bone and no pain through her neck and shoulder. This mare has produced many elite assessed, excellent quality foals and will hopefully continue to do so.

The FormaHoof rehabilitation work was carried out on the mare by Sven Targett, farrier & FCA, WA. Sven comments:

“It’s been a pleasure for me to be able to join the team at Dynamik Stallions. In our initial assessment of the broodmares we decided to apply FormaHoof to a couple of mares as a precaution, to ensure their comfort in the last part of their pregnancy.

This has been a huge success and as a result the decision has been made to keep one of the mares in FormaHoof permanently. It’s wonderful to see this mare so comfortable both in and out of pregnancy and I’m looking forward to the future with both her and her progeny.”

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