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with Sven Targett


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FormaHoof Expert Consultation with Sven Targett

FormaHoof Certified Applicator
Expert in Thoroughbred Farriery

Languages: English

Time Zone: Australia (AWST)

Sven has been a Farrier for over 15 years, he is shoeing mainly thoroughbred horses on and off the track. He is constantly being challenged by friends, both in the horse and corporate world, to look at advancing techniques and materials when it comes to shoeing and thinks the current advances in technology will be able to help with the care of horses and their feet.

Measure your horse’s hoof length and width, if they are within the same range of measurements shown in the chart; choose the Regular Fit.

If the foot is longer than it is wide, a Slimline Fit is the better choice for your horse.

See detailed Measuring Guide here

FormaHoof Hoof Sizing Guide

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