Experience FormaHoof Live – Events & Workshops

Experience FormaHoof Live - Events & Workshops

Find upcoming events and workshops by FormaHoof Certified Applicators here:

FormaHoof Workshop with Joel Brown

Datum: 15.10.2021

Starting: 9:00 AM
Location: Field of Dreams Equestrian Center, Indiana

Learn from FormaHoof Expert & FCA Joel Brown during this in-person workshop.

Joel will provide on-site training in collaboration with Ronda Hanning.

Fix the inside hoof whilst building the outside foot is the credo of this workshop.

Those who know Joel’s work and follow him, know he is dedicated and an

absolute pro when it comes to listening to the horse and providing

fantastic FormaHoof services.

The horse in the workshop will be presented with sheared (or shunted)

heels. As this is a rather complex case, professionals are invited to

join and learn.

Location: Field of Dreams Equestrian Center, Fort Wayne – Indiana/USA

Workshop fee: USD250 to be paid at presence. Participating professionals receive a free online FCA course after the event

Reservations and further information, call Joel Brown 307 477-1177

FormaHoof Workshop mit Aletia Reilingh

Datum: 23.10.2021

Uhrzeit: 9:00-17:00 (inkl. Mittagessen und Material)
Ort: Essriege 6, 46325 Borken (NRW)

FormaHoof Schulung/Workshop mit Hufschmied Aletia Reilingh in Borken

Schließen Sie sich Aletia Reilingh, staatl. Hufschmiedin und FormaHoof Certified Applicator, für einen Tag am um alles für die erfolgreiche Anwendung von FormaHoof zu erlernen.  

Der Workshop richtet sich an Hufschmiede, Hufpfleger und Tierärzte die bereit sind neue Wege zu gehen und die FormaHoof Technik zu erlernen, die Schulung findet sowohl an einem Übungshuf sowie am echten Pferd statt. Interessierte Pferdebesitzer sind natürlich auch herzlilch Willkommen.

Die Kosten betragen 250€ inkl. kostenlosen Zugang zum FCA Kurs in der FormaHoof Academy auf Deutsch (Wert 99€) und Mittagessen 

Um einen Platz zu reservieren, ist eine Anzahlung von 50€ erforderlich.

Es gelten die üblichen Corona-Bestimmungen.

Anmeldung direkt bei Aletia, telefonisch oder per WhatsApp +4915152476481

FormaHoof auf der Tagung des Österreichischen Hufschmiedeverbandes

Datum: 23.10.2021

Uhrzeit: 9:00-17:00 – Registration required
Ort: VetMed Uni Wien

FormaHoof at Tagung des Österreichischen Hufschmiedeverbandes
Die Tagung des Österreichischen Hufschmiedeverbandes findet am 23.10.2021 an der MedUni Wien statt.
Alexandra Kammerhuber stellt zusammen mit Lukas Juster FormaHoof vor.
Die Veranstaltung beinhaltet des Weiteren verschiedene andere Themen.
Weitere Information oder Last-Minute Teilnahme ist direkt bei Alexandra, Lukas oder beim Verband zu erfragen.
Alex Kammerhuber
+ (43) 678 131 1299

FormaHoof Workshop with Joel Brown

Datum: 30.10.2021

Starting: 9:00 AM
Location: Mill Camp Cattle Company, 20 miles NE of Arthur Nebraska

Joel Brown FormaHoof Workshop Nebraska
Learn from FormaHoof Expert & FCA Joel Brown during this in-person workshop.
Joel will provide on-site training in collaboration with horse owner Charmane Macomber at her base in Nebraska.
Workshop content:
Addressing thin soles, dorsal imbalances & dorsal toe cracks due to imbalances.
Secure your space and request further information directly from Charmane via Facebook messenger at https://www.facebook.com/ridehard.ropefast.XR2 or call Joel Brown 307 477-1177

FormaHoof at the Equifest NZL

FormaHoof at the Equifest NZL

Event Date: 04.-06.02.2021

Location: Taupo

Website: https://www.equifest.co.nz/

Experience FormaHoof at Equifest, New Zealand’s Most Exciting Equine Festival. Lizzie will be on-site to answer your questions about FormaHoof and execute several live demonstrations.


About Hoofcare and Horsemanship & FCA Lizzie Maundrell BSc (Hons):

With a scientific background, combining modern hoofcare techniques with state of the art technology is integral to my practice. Providing comfort whilst improving performance for each horses individual needs has driven me to look beyond the hoof, and to embrace a whole horse approach utilizing gait analysis and motion tracking technology. Adding FormaHoof to my tool box allows me to address hoof issues quickly and effectively, ensuring minimal impacts on the horses welfare.


For more details reach out to Lizzie:

+64 (0) 221 744 698


FormaHoof Demo at the Alberta CowBoy Challenge

Event Date: Sept 11, 2021

Location: Onoway Alberta

Website: YKnott North

FormaHoof and Tsunami Wynd Equine's Amanda Mahoney Live Demo at Alberta Cowboy Challenge

Experience FormaHoof at the Alberta CowBoy Challenge with FCA Amanda Mahoney. Tsunami Wynd Equine is here to help your horse and you! Providing equine first aid training and hoof care. We will come out and meet with you and your horse to evaluate hoof health, lower limb movement and biomechanics, and nutrition advice in regard to the health of the hoof. FormaHoof, Hoof Armor, Casting, Glue On Boot Shells and Direct Glue Composite Shoes as options In some cases of rehab, we will discuss various options for your horse.

Contact Amanda via:

Tsunami Wynd Equine

+1 780 233 9891


CANCELLED Apropos Pferd

Event Date: 30.09.-03.10.2021

Location: Wiener Neustadt, Austria

 Website: https://www.arenanova.com/messe/id.95

Meet FCA Alexandra Kammerhuber & VP of the Austrian Farrier Association Lukas Juster at Austria’s biggest Equine Convention –  The Apropos Pferd and experience FormaHoof.

Alexandra and Lukas will do several FormaHoof demonstrations and Q&A rounds at the booth of the Österreichische Hufschmiedeverband.


Contact Alexandrea for detailed information:

EquiSkills – Mobile Pferdepraxis

+ (43) 678 131 1299



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The FormaHoof – Ask an Expert Q&A group was setup to create an open experience exchange between horse owners and professionals. Get your questions answered and learn more about FormaHoof in a familiar environment whilst making new friends on the way to healthier hooves.

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The FCA course in the FormaHoof Academy is set to give equine podiatry professionals the option of adding certified high-quality FormaHoof services to their business. Nevertheless, the course is open to everyone and owners can gain helpful insights in the usage of FormaHoof and learn with their trusted farrier, trimmer or vet, how to get started.

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