FormaHoof’s Intervention: Libby’s Laminitis Journey in Canada

Discover Libby's incredible recovery from laminitis with FormaHoof. When other treatments failed, this story offers hope for horses battling laminitis.
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In the picturesque landscapes of Ontario, Canada, the story of Libby, an 18-year-old registered Canadian Horse unfolds, showcasing the transformative powers of FormaHoof and the perseverance of those who care for her.

Libby’s Arrival

“Libby stepped off the trailer after a 3-hour ride from the only home she likely had ever known,” recalls Andrea White, a dedicated horse lover who, along with her daughter, Karli, had taken in Libby under their care. The sight was heart-wrenching: a long coat in the middle of June and hooves that were overgrown and cracked. But Andrea and Karli saw beyond her physical state. They saw a horse with spirit and personality.

Tackling Laminitis Head-On

Despite Libby’s evident challenges, the true depth of her issues became clear only after Andrea and Karli began addressing them. They immediately prioritized nutrition: “We got Libby on a probiotic immediately and some low NSC supplements,” shared Andrea. However, after two intense trimming sessions, the looming shadow of laminitis emerged. Andrea vividly remembers the moment of truth, stating, “Libby had X-rays that would break your heart. I knew by the look on my vet’s face and his words that this would be a long shot in saving her life.”

Casting: A Temporary Respite

In the battle against laminitis, casting became an essential ally. Andrea notes, “Libby was placed in casts in August… It was effective, bringing her coffin bone angles to a much more acceptable state.” However, while casting played its role, it wasn’t the ultimate solution, especially from a comfort perspective.

Andrea was told to keep her in a stable with deep bedding and as little movement as possible. Her legs and hooves were iced with ice boots twice a day and with ice gels in between – 4 times a day she had something cold on her feet, to help to try to alleviate the pain. However, it was clear that the casting was not comfortable.

Libby stayed in her stall 24 hours a day for the first 4 weeks, until she started showing that she could move better. “As soon as we could we allowed Libby to wander the barn while her stall was cleaned and then back in her stall again until the next day. Another 4 weeks went by and then she was casted again, which then meant another 4 weeks of being very uncomfortable. She was lying down for hours, just to take the weight off those feet. But again, she slowly started to move a little better so we could start to let her out and about.”

“It wasn’t pleasant in my eyes, but it worked, bringing her coffin bone angles around to a much more normal angle. There is still some way to go, but casting got her well on her way, giving hoof wall support while the new, healthy hoof grew in. Had I known about FormaHoof earlier however, I would have gone that route first.”

Discovering FormaHoof: A Turning Point

In their relentless pursuit to provide Libby with the best care, Andrea and Karli’s paths crossed with FormaHoof. After much contemplation, Andrea shared, “I knew that traditional shoes weren’t the answer for her. There was too much separation and the way Libby handled a trim indicated that she would not do well being shod. My daughter and I explored numerous options, and FormaHoof really resonated with us.”

Post the casting phase, Andrea recalls Libby’s transformative journey with FormaHoof, stating, “We introduced Libby to FormaHoof after removing the casts… her pain medication requirement drastically reduced.” The second application even had a touch of fun with glitter, symbolizing the merging of medical necessity and celebratory spirit.

Today and Tomorrow

“After 2 applications, it was decided that she could go barefoot to finish growing out her hooves. The stretched laminae are gradually reducing and Libby is now on a 4 week schedule to keep her comfortable. She is out for the day now and only comes in at night with the rest of our herd. I am looking forward to the day that we can find out what she knows and hopefully she can be an ambassador for the Canadian Horse Breed and FormaHoof.”

As Libby continues her journey to recovery, she stands as a testament to the efficacy of FormaHoof and the dedication of individuals like Andrea and Karli. Now, with brighter days ahead, Andrea passionately expresses, “If I ever confront Laminitis again, I won’t hesitate to choose FormaHoof. It’s my go-to.”

Join the Movement

Libby’s story isn’t just an isolated tale. It’s a beacon of hope and a call to action for equine enthusiasts and professionals alike. With the power of FormaHoof and a community of dedicated caregivers, even the toughest challenges can be surmounted.

Learn more about FormaHoof and become a part of our global community. Your horse deserves the best, and with FormaHoof, that’s exactly what you’ll provide.

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