Equine Hoof Rehabilitation with Customized FormaHoof Applications

Discover how FormaHoof’s innovative, custom applications revolutionize the treatment of horse hoof pathologies. Dive into transformative real-world cases!
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Evolutionary hoof care techniques have transformed the way we treat horses with hoof problems, and FormaHoof is at the forefront of this innovation. Our patented liquid-fit shoeing solution is ideal for dealing with a range of hoof pathologies, from laminitis to low heels and even more complex cases like keratoma rehabilitation.

FormaHoof provides a comprehensive solution that can recreate the perfect alignments of a healthy hoof, support restructuring, realignment, and growth of a naturally balanced hoof. Its 3D hoof care technology is unrivaled in the field, allowing hoof care providers to deliver unparalleled support to horses.

While a standard application can address common hoof issues, FormaHoof Certified Applicators are equipped to offer customised applications for severe pathologies. Our team will show you real examples of how customising a FormaHoof Application can transform even the most severe hoof cases. With FormaHoof, you can be confident that your horse is receiving the best possible care for its unique needs.

From Puncture Wound to Perfect Hoof

Check out this inspiring case by a FormaHoof Certified Applicator from Germany. The horse in question had suffered a puncture wound resulting in an ingrown hole and overproduction of hoof material that hindered the horse’s natural rehab process. To solve this issue, Aletia resected the affected area and conducted a deep clean before wrapping the hoof with regular vet bandages and dressing.

However, now the horse’s 24/7 turnout was no longer an option, especially with wet and muddy turnouts during the autumn season in Germany. The risk of lost hoof wrapping and contamination of the resected area was high. This led to the decision to apply FormaHoof for a more relaxed and safe rehabilitation.

Although the horse was not used to being stabled, the use of FormaHoof allowed the horse to have regular turnout in the herd while giving its hooves the comprehensive biomechanical solution it needed for healing. A dental impression material was used to temporarily close the open area in the application for cleaning and inspection purposes.

This case shows how FormaHoof can provide a unique liquid-fit solution for severe hoof pathologies like puncture cases, offering support and protection in all dimensions. FormaHoof’s customisation options allow it to be tailored to the horse’s individual needs, providing a more effective and efficient solution for advanced hoof rehabilitation.

A Successful Treatment for Laminitic Horse with Abscess

Hugo, a laminitic horse, was struggling with the pain of necrotic tissue in his hoof, causing him to avoid putting weight on the affected area. Despite this challenge, his owner Tina Billingsley decided to give FormaHoof a try.

After two weeks of using FormaHoof, Hugo suddenly became crippled one morning. Upon inspection, an abscess was found in the toe due to the necrotic tissue being squeezed out. Despite this setback, Tina’s farrier was able to open up the apex of the toe while still allowing Hugo to keep the vital support of the FormaHoof on his heel and sole.

hole in horses hoof

Why abscesses can occur in FormaHoof applications for laminitic horses

FormaHoof’s unique design spreads the weight of the horse over the entire surface area interface between the application and foot, while also creating concavity under the tip of the bone. In some cases, like Hugo’s, the increased mobility provided by FormaHoof can even help the horse squeeze out old necrotic tissue from affected areas, potentially leading to abscesses.

As shown in Hugo’s case, abscesses can appear at any stage of the rehab process, with or without a FormaHoof application. However, thanks to the clean and medicated environment FormaHoof provides, abscesses can even be drained through the application without needing to remove it entirely. This offers a practical and effective solution for horse owners dealing with the challenge of abscesses in combination with laminitis.

Reviving Hoof Health: How FCA Stephane Perrenes in Bahrain Customized a FormaHoof Application to Treat Severe White Line Disease

White Line Disease can be a severe condition that needs a meticulous treatment plan to address the anaerobic bacterial infection. For FCA Stephane Perrenes, his protocol starts with cleaning and removing the affected areas’ edges to stop the spread of the infection. He then uses iodine spray and iodine crystal with bandages for 12 days to kill the bacteria, changing the bandages every few days to monitor the healing progress.

support for white line disease

Stephane emphasizes the importance of manual control during this process, saying, “I prefer to see it to evaluate the progress,” since complications can arise if the area is covered too early.

In treating a thoroughbred mare with a large dorsal wall infection, Stephane opted to use FormaHoof to provide comfort and sole support while the hoof grows. The horse will be stabled in a clean, dry environment to avoid complications and encourage internal hoof change.

Stephane explains, “It’s just a great option and will last for a minimum of 6 weeks. Hoof supplements will be added to her daily feeding program to further encourage growth.” With FormaHoof’s support and Stephane’s expertise, the mare’s hoof health is on the road to recovery.

A Unique Approach: Farrier Nic Howell’s Custom Solution for White Line Disease

White Line Disease can cause a range of issues in a horse’s hoof, including medial lateral imbalance of the coffin bone and lameness. In such cases, a skilled farrier like Nic Howell may choose to use FormaHoof to help the horse recover. Here’s a look at how Nic approached one such case.

Nic’s client had a horse that had been experiencing lameness due to White Line Disease. After examining the horse, Nic determined that there was a medial lateral imbalance of the coffin bone, which was causing the lameness.

Nic decided that FormaHoof would be the best option for helping the horse recover. He applied the first customised FormaHoof application, using his expertise and experience to create a solution tailored to the horse’s specific needs.

Nic monitored the horse’s progress closely, making adjustments as necessary to ensure the application was doing its job. Over time, the horse’s hoof began to recover, with the FormaHoof application providing support and stability throughout the healing process.

Nic’s use of FormaHoof allowed him to correct the medial lateral imbalance caused by White Line Disease, giving the horse the support and comfort it needed to heal. Thanks to Nic’s skill and experience, the horse was able to return to full health and continue its life free from lameness.

As Nic himself said, “I had a very interesting case of white line disease causing medial lateral imbalance of the coffin bone, which caused lameness in the horse’s foot horse. Due to a number of reasons, I felt FormaHoof would be the best option to put this horse on the road to recovery. Here is the first application.”

white line disease horse treatment

Note: Experience has shown that in many cases of white line disease, a standard FormaHoof application is sufficient for effective treatment. Additional cutouts or adjustments are typically unnecessary, and medication can be applied to the foot before the application to remain in place throughout the treatment cycle.

FormaHoof during the Rehab Process: A Keratoma Removal Case Study from Equitom Clinic, Belgium

Equitom Clinic in Belgium recently treated a horse with a keratoma, a rare and benign tumor that forms inside a horse’s foot. As the tumor slowly grows, it expands and separates the hoof wall laminae, causing pain and lameness. The tumor grows downwards because space for growth is restricted inside the rigid hoof structure.

The team at Equitom Clinic decided to use a FormaHoof application to support natural hoof growth under the application, protect the hoof, and keep the wound in a clean, medicated environment. The FormaHoof application was customized to fit the horse’s specific needs during the rehab process after the keratoma removal.

keratoma horse

Keratomas tend to develop more commonly at the toes, and any of the horse’s feet may be affected. Two forms of keratoma are recognized: cylindrical-shaped keratomas that run in the hoof wall directly towards the sole, or more discrete spherical-shaped keratomas, most often towards the toe.

With the customized FormaHoof application, the horse was able to recover comfortably and with the necessary support to promote natural hoof growth. The application provided a clean environment for the wound and medication to aid in the healing process. The team at Equitom Clinic was pleased with the outcome of the treatment and the successful rehabilitation of the horse.

Customising FormaHoof Foal Extensions for Limb Deformities and Conformation Faults

FormaHoof Foal Extensions offer a unique solution to help foals overcome limb deformities and conformation faults at an early stage of their life. These extensions are built based on the FormaHoof Barefoot Mould and are designed to provide more flexibility than other products in the market.

One of the key advantages of FormaHoof Foal Extensions is their adjustability. They can be easily trimmed to the desired length using a rasp or clipper, making them suitable for foals at different stages of recovery.

Another benefit of FormaHoof Foal Extensions is that they offer a safe solution for young horses, allowing them to be turned out in the herd and socialized at an early stage of life. Available in sizes ranging from 00 to 2, these extensions can also be used for mini ponies and other young horses.

With FormaHoof Foal Extensions, the possibilities are endless. These extensions provide a reliable and effective solution for limb deformities and conformation faults in young horses, and offer more flexibility and adjustability than other products in the market. If you’re looking for a go-to horseshoeing method for enhanced hoof rehabilitation, FormaHoof has got you covered. Get started!

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