Customising a FormaHoof Application - Advanced hoof rehabilitation of severe pathologies

Orthopaedic horseshoeing can be tricky and there are many ways to cater for various hoof problems. Customising a FormaHoof Application can be a great way to address a horse’s individual needs.

While FormaHoof allows you to support horses with the latest 3D Hoof Care and to recreate the perfect alignments of a healthy hoof, it also supports restructuring, realignment, and growth of a naturally balanced hoof.

The unique liquid-fit shoeing solution of FormaHoof is suitable for almost every hoof pathology. From laminitis and white line disease to low heels and much more complex treatments such as keratoma rehabilitation.

A standard application encapsulates the entire hoof, allowing the hoof care provider an easy-to-apply solution for the most common hoof problems. However, it is not unusual to see FormaHoof Certified Applicators customising a FormaHoof Application for the needs of a particular hoof rehab, as the examples below will show.

Customising a FormaHoof Application for a puncture case by farrier Aletia Reilingh, Germany

The example shown here by FCA Aletia Reilingh in Germany shows a horse that has suffered from a puncture. The puncture resulted in an ingrown hole and overproduction of hoof material in this area, which didn’t allow the horse to rehab naturally. After resecting the affected area and undertaking a deep clean, the hoof was initially wrapped with regular vet bandages and dressing. ⠀

Whilst the horse was used to 24/7 turnout, this was no longer an option. Hitting Autumn in Germany, turnouts are wet and can be very muddy, which could have led to a lost hoof wrapping or, even worse, contamination of the resected area. ⠀

Following the procedure, the horse was on box rest for two weeks, which led to additional stress for the horse as it wasn’t used to being stabled. ⠀

Cutting a long story short, the vet in charge, horse owner, and Aletia, decided to apply FormaHoof to give the horse his regular turnout in the herd and a far more relaxed and safe rehabilitation.

The open area in the application was closed temporarily with dental impression material to allow cleaning when required and to open and inspect the wound at any time needed.

Customising a FormaHoof Application for an abscess in a lamintic horse shared by owner Tina Billingsley, UK

What happened?
“Two weeks after FormaHoof, everything was going well until Hugo came out crippled one morning. We found an abscess in the toe, which was due to necrotic tissue in the hoof being squeezed out as he has been moving around a lot more. My farrier opened up the apex of the toe thereby still allowing Hugo to have the important support of the FormaHoof on the heel and the sole.”⠀

hole in horses hoof

Why can laminitic horses get abscesses within their FormaHoof application?

Horses generally have necrotic tissue under the tip of P3. A laminitic horse will often try to avoid putting weight on this part because the direct pressure of bone through the thin sole is very painful when touching the ground. This is the reason why many laminitic horses put the pressure back on their heels, roll them under and grow a long toe. ⠀

FormaHoof spreads the weight of the horse over the entire surface area interface between the application and foot, whilst also creating concavity under the tip of the bone. In some laminitic cases, the increase in mobility thanks to the function of FormaHoof will increase the chances of the horse being able to squeeze the OLD necrotic tissue out from the affected area. Chances are high that the abscess will take the easiest route through the coronary band, but other exits are also possible.

Abscesses in combination with laminitis are nothing unusual and can appear at any stage of the rehab progress, with or without a FormaHoof application.

As shown in Hugo’s case, in most cases there is no need to take off the full application in the event of an abscess. Abscesses can even be drained through the application, whilst remaining in a clean and medicated environment.

Customising a FormaHoof Application for a severe White Line Disease case, by farrier and FCA Stephane Perrenes, Bahrain

“My protocol of treatment for a seedy toe anaerobic bacteria infection starts by removing and cleaning the affected areas, especially at the edge.

Following that, I apply iodine spray and iodine crystal with bandages for 12 days to kill the bacteria. I change the bandages every 3 to 4 days, which allows me to see the healing progress during this period, and sometimes it is necessary to clean the edges of the infected area again.

After the 12 days, treatments depend on the activity of the horse and the affected area may be covered.

From my experience, trying to cover it too early can lead to complications. I prefer to manually control the process first and the best way to evaluate that is to see it.⠀

Regarding this case, it’s a thoroughbred mare with a large dorsal wall infection so she will be stabled for some time in clean, dry conditions to avoid any complications and internal hoof change.

The reason why I chose FormaHoof is that it provides her comfort and sole support until the hoof grows. It’s just a great option and will last for a minimum of 6 weeks. Hoof supplements will be added to her daily feeding program to further encourage growth.”

support for white line disease

This is another customised White Line Disease case from farrier Nic Howell, Australia

“I had a very interesting case of white line disease causing medial lateral imbalance of the coffin bone, which caused lameness in the horse’s foot horse.

Due to a number of reasons, I felt FormaHoof would be the best option to put this horse on the road to recovery. Here is the first application.“⠀

white line disease horse treatment

Note: most cases of white line disease can be treated with a regular FormaHoof application that will not need extra cutouts or adjustments. Here medication can simply be applied on the foot before applying FormaHoof and will stay in place across the treatment cycle.

Customising a FormaHoof Application during the rehab process after a Keratoma removal, Equitom Clinic, Belgium

The FormaHoof Application will support natural hoof growth under the application, protect the hoof and keep the wound in a clean, medicated environment.

keratoma horse

What is a keratoma?

A keratoma is a rare benign tumor of the inner layer of keratin-producing epidermal hoof wall cells that forms inside a horse’s foot. As the tumor slowly grows, it expands and separates the hoof wall laminae, causing pain and lameness. The tumor grows downwards because space for growth is restricted inside the rigid hoof structure.

Keratomas tend to develop more commonly at the toes and any of the feet may be affected. Two forms of keratoma are recognized:⠀

‘Cylindrical’-shaped keratomas, that run in the hoof wall directly towards the sole or more discrete ‘spherical’-shaped keratomas, most often towards the toe

Customising FormaHoof Foal Extensions

FormaHoof Foal Extensions are designed to help the youngest overcome limb deformities and conformation faults at an early stage.

All extensions can be adjusted to the desired length by simply rasping and clipping off the parts which may be too long at the stage of recovery.

All Foal Extensions are built based on the FormaHoof Barefoot application and are designed to provide more flexibility than other products in the market, as they are not only adjustable but provide a safe solution allowing foals to be turned out in the herd and socialised at this early stage of life.

The unique components of FormaHoof Advanced Polymer allow them to be cooled down pre-application, with easy and spotless removal and no damage to the hoof should an extension be stepped on and pulled off.

FormaHoof Foal Extensions also provide a solution to problems in mini ponies and young horses, with available sizes varying from 00 to 2 (depending on the model).

With FormaHoof your possibilities are endless, and you can be certain that FormaHoof will be your go-to horseshoeing method for enhanced hoof rehabilitation.

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