FormaHoof Moulds Product Guide

Which Type of reusable FormaHoof Mould suits my needs?

Just as we have different types of shoes for different occasions, there are several different FormaHoof Reusable Moulds available for your horse.

Selecting the correct Mould Type will help ensure that you get the most out of your application and use the correct model for you and your horse’s needs.

Along with FormaHoof Mould Type, selecting the right FormaHoof Size and Fit (Slimline or Regular) is key to providing the right support for your horse. See the FormaHoof Size Guide for more information on Size and Fit.

Each FormaHoof Mould provides many benefits to your horse, including:

  • Simulation of a perfectly shaped and balanced hoof
  • Unique 3D support for a concave sole, corrected and levelled heels
  • Weight distribution across the entire hoof capsule encourages blood flow, circulation and healthy hoof growth
  • Protection of the whole foot within a moisture-controlled environment

FormaHoof Horse & Pony Reusable Moulds

  • The Base Model Of All Other Moulds

  • Your Best Choice For The Majority Of Horses

  • Ideal For Rehabilitation And Riding Horses
  • Special traction pattern on the sole, for optimal performance and grip in all ground conditions

  • Safe for horses to wear in the stable

  • Provides the most resistance to wear

  • Ideal for jumping, endurance, polo and other equine sports which require extra traction
  • Designed with the conformation and workload of racehorses in mind

  • Must be combined with an additional racing plate

  • Super lightweight application

  • Incorporates a protective 5mm flatter profile on the sole, to easily facilitate the racing plate

  • Approved for racing in many countries, including the UK

FormaHoof Foal Reusable Moulds Guide

  • Orthopaedic support for various limb conformation faults

  • Safe to use in the herd and field

  • Fast curing at lower temperatures than other composite products on the market

  • Extension length adjustable once cured

  • Available in various sizes for foals and youngsters

What is the difference between a Mould and an Application?

A FormaHoof Mould is a reusable tool that allows the applicator to carry out a repeatable, liquid fill process.

The FormaHoof Application is the result that remains on the hoof once the FormaHoof Reusable Mould has been taken off the foot once the application process is completed.

Can I add a shoe to a FormaHoof Application?

A shoe can be fitted to any FormaHoof application to give extra durability on rough terrain and for additional protection for weaving or pawing horses.

If set correctly, the nails are driven into the application material and not into the hoof horn, allowing the integrity of the hoof to be maintained and to continue to grow within the non-invasive hoof protection.

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