Applicator Gun


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The Applicator Gun holds a FormaHoof AP cartridge firmly, enabling a smooth, controlled flow of Advanced Polymer into your reusable FormaHoof Mould.

Applicator Gun Overview

The Applicator Gun is specifically designed to inject FormaHoof Advanced Polymer (AP) into reusable FormaHoof Moulds as part of the FormaHoof Hoof Care system and allows the correct flow rate for the perfect application.

A professional, hard wearing cartridge gun for any time you need to apply FormaHoof to protect or support your horse’s hooves.

Features & Benefits

Durable – Steel trigger with increased gun life thanks to adjustment screw technology.

Perfect Fit – Designed for FormaHoof Advanced Polymer cartridges. Holds the FormaHoof AP cartridges securely during the application process and ensures the correct flow rate for the perfect mixture.

Smooth & Powerful – This powerful Applicator Gun features Highest Thrust 26:1 Ratio Drive and double gripping plates, to ensure the FormaHoof Mould is filled with the perfect mix of FormaHoof Advanced Polymer.

Quick Side Reload – Working with horses’ hooves can be a difficult task. The Applicator Gun makes it easier to reload your FormaHoof Advanced Polymer cartridge while working on a horse, thanks to its quick release thumb press and side-loading feature for AP cartridges.

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