How-to Videos

How to apply Formahoof

This video explains the application process and answers some frequently asked questions on how Formahoof works

How to remove Formahoof

This video demonstrates the removal process 8 weeks after first application.

How to deal with a cracked hoof wall and white line disease

This video shows the treatment for a cracked hoof wall on a horse suffering from White Line Disease.

Features and Benefits

Formahoof’s Innovative Podiatry Systems

How Formahoof helps rebuild, support and protect horses hooves.

How Formahoof helps Chronic Laminitis

UK Farrier Dan Stern discusses the benefits of using Formahoof on horses suffering from Chronic Laminitis.

A new way to shoe

How Formahoof has set about trying to revolutionise the shoeing of horses with its new type of liquid shoe, involving 3D-Printed technology.

Formahoof in wet and muddy conditions

This video shows how the barefoot withstands wet and muddy conditions.

Formahoof in the Australian outback

See how the Formahoof technology stands up to the challenges faced during a 40km endurance ride.


Curing immobility

See how Formahoof restored Jewels’ mobility by resolving her sensitive feet problem.

Jewels’ Formahoof Journey!

Check in with Jewels 10 months after her first Formahoof application.

Diablo’s Road to Recovery

Watch how Formahoof’s solution to club foot improved Diablo’s quality of life.