FormaHoof Videos

Applicators Share Their Success Stories

Learn why professional hoof care providers choose FormaHoof to comfort horses and enhance the rehabilitation of various hoof-related diseases and problems. Watch videos on how FormaHoof has helped solve common issues like laminitis, white line disease, navicular disease, high-low syndrome, and low heels/thin soles.


White Line Disease

Navicular Disease

High-Low Syndrome

Low Heels/Thin Soles

Horse Owners Share Their Experiences

Discover how FormaHoof has helped other horse owners deal with stubborn hoof problems and improve overall hoof health and performance of their horses. Watch videos of their experiences and find out how FormaHoof can benefit your horse.

Kate Redmond – Australia

Maile LaVilla - Thailand

Sharon Power – IHWT

Learn How FormaHoof Works

While our FormaHoof Academy provides in-depth courses on our products, our video hub features short clips that give you a glimpse of how FormaHoof works. Learn how to get started, apply and remove an application, and how they work in different environments. Watch videos on bacteria, thrush, moisture, and how FormaHoof performs in water and sand.

Getting Started

How to apply

How to remove

Bacteria, thrush or moisture?

Does it work in Water / Sand

Get Started Today!

Your horse deserves the best, and that's exactly what FormaHoof provides. Finding the right size FormaHoof Mould is quick and easy - just measure your horse's hoof length and width.

Comfort your horse

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