Red Horse – Sole Cleanse


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Red Horse Sole Cleanse is a fantastic natural antibacterial spray to flush, protect, and ensure your horse’s hooves are bacteria free!

Red Horse – Sole Cleanse Overview

A specially developed all-natural antibacterial Sole Cleanse spray that disinfects the horse’s frog and hoof sole, to reduce and prevent foul odour and blackening.

Its active ingredients destroy bacterial and fungal microbes and help healthy hoof tissue to grow.

Sole Cleanse can be used to flush cracks in the white line, frog, and other crevices in the horse’s hoof, prior to a FormaHoof application.

Features & Benefits of Red Horse Sole Cleanse

Quality Disinfectant – Many horse owners have reported successful use of Sole Cleanse for preventing and combating thrush and white line disease.

No Harmful ChemicalsKeep your horse’s hooves healthy without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Easy to use – 500ml spray bottle fits easily in the hand when working with a horse’s hoof.

Fresh Smell – A pleasant fresh smell when applied to the horse’s hoof.

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