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It’s no secret that the old saying “no hoof, no horse” is 100% true. FormaHoof has been developed as a non-invasive process, to offer immediate relief and rehab to some of the most common equine hoof pathologies. Read through real-life cases below, to see how FormaHoof can support treatments in the most efficient and effective way, facilitating a vastly improved recovery time and a faster return to training.


This section provides studies from professionals, horse owners and FormaHoof’s own cases.

Explore case studies from professionals, horse owners and FormaHoof’s own experience.

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Explore case studies from horses around the world that are recovering with the support of FormaHoof from various hoof related issues, such as


Laminitis or Founder is an all too common hoof disease that can appear in various forms and can have many causes. FormaHoof’s reusable hoof moulds offer a highly effective solution that immediately reduces hoof pain without drugs and gives the hoof the support and protection it needs to recover, rehabilitate and regrow. 


Find out more about real-life laminitis cases and their successful road to recovery, with the support of FormaHoof.

Navicular Disease

Navicular disease is one of the most common causes of chronic forelimb lameness and can cause major frustration and expense for horse owners. Often requiring a multipronged treatment approach that might include rest, drug treatment, shock wave therapy, and hoof care that improves hoof angles, FormaHoof offers a highly effective solution that instantly realigns the horse’s hoof angles and rebuilds the heels, allowing the correct biomechanics of the hoof to be restored.


Find out more about real-life navicular cases and their successful road to recovery, with the support of FormaHoof.

White Line Disease In Horses

White Line Disease (WLD), also known as seedy toe, hollow foot, wall thrush or stall rot, is a common equine hoof disease that can become serious if ignored. Characterised by an invasion of bacteria and fungi that destroy hoof-wall tissue, clinical signs of the disease may vary from the horse not being lame at all to severe lameness with rotation of the distal phalanx. FormaHoof stabalises the foot, whilst also providing a clean environment where no urine, faeces or dirt can enter the affected area. Applying essential topical medications is easy with FormaHoof and the need for daily bandage changes is eliminated. 


Find out more about real-life WLD cases and their successful road to recovery, with the support of FormaHoof.

Breeding & Foals

No hoof, no horse gets a whole new meaning when talking about successful reproduction in horses. A breeding horse that is in pain due to sore feet may be less productive and a foal confined to stable due to limb deformities will have its natural growth and development inhibited. By reducing pain and improving comfort, FormaHoof’s reusable moulds support mares, stallions and foals through the complete breeding cycle.

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