Horse Hoof Disease and Lameness Case Studies

Explore some real-life case studies of horses with hoof disease and lameness and their successful road to recovery, with the support of FormaHoof.

We have gathered cases from all around the world, to provide you with more information and real life examples of how FormaHoof supports horses, with or without hoof problems. Hoof problems lie at the heart of many lameness and soundness issues in horses and FormaHoof allows vets and farriers to advise on and deliver a value-added solution that offers the fastest route to a sound horse and a happy owner.


Scroll through the cases of hoof problems, search for specific key words or read away case by case. If you have questions related to a published case or would like to discuss your own case with one of our specialists, please use our contact form to get in touch. We get back to you in no time.

Treating White Line Disease with FormaHoof
Malva is a 17 year old draught mare. Was presented with a laminitis episode and subsequent severe white line disease in late September 2020. Her journey with FormaHoof allowed the transition to barefoot in January 2021.
The essential role of the blacksmith
Farrier & FormaHoof Certified Applicator Bart Lambert was interviewed by Ekico about the essential role of a blacksmith, described the severe laminitis case of Biola, a Spanish mare.
Feeding and Caring for Laminitis
In this blog post, Equine Scientist and FormaHoof Team member Lisa, will explain, what laminitis is, how it occurs and how you can help reduce the risk to your horse through the right feed and nutrition.
Laminitis in broodmares
Using FormaHoof to manage such chronic laminitis cases dramatically improves quality of life for both the horse and everyone in the horse care group!

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