Navigating Recovery: FormaHoof as a Supportive Treatment for Laminitis

A supportive treatment for horses with laminitis that works isn't easy to find. After trying all solutions Alaska only returned to soundness with FormaHoof.
X-rays of Laminitis present in Alaska's hoof

Navigating through the rocky terrain of equine laminitis, caregivers and hoof care specialists often find themselves in search of innovative, supportive treatments. Jackie Bowler of JB HoofCare embarked on such a journey with Alaska, a horse grappling with the painful reality of laminitis. Jackie states, “I first met Alaska in November of 2019” when confronting various challenges presented by this complex condition. Let’s unravel the intricate details of Alaska’s journey, exploring how FormaHoof became a pivotal chapter in her path to recovery and comfort.

Challenges in the Face of Laminitis

Alaska’s laminitis, characterized by “a long toe, rotation, gas tracks within the lamina, and loss of sole depth,” posed a serious threat to her wellbeing. Initially equipped with Soft Ride boots and under pain and inflammation management, Alaska still waded through discomfort and pain, sparking a search for alternative solutions.

Seeking New Horizons with FormaHoof

In this quest, FormaHoof emerged as a potential option for relief. Jackie recalls, “We initially applied an Easycare Performance glue-on shoe” while awaiting a FormaHoof Mould. Even as temporary solutions offered a degree of comfort, they did not bridge the gap to the substantial relief that Alaska direly needed.

FormaHoof: More than a Physical Application

When FormaHoof was finally applied in February, Jackie shares, “Instantly, Alaska was very comfortable and confident in her stride.” Beyond immediate physical comfort, FormaHoof presented itself as a tool that synergized with holistic care approaches, gradually sculpting not just Alaska’s hoof health but also enriching her quality of life.

Analyzing the Impact: From Physical to Psychological Wellbeing

Diving deeper into the impact, FormaHoof not only transformed Alaska’s physicality — such as “a notable increase in sole depth” and bettering her “hoof to pastern angle” – but also permeated into her everyday life. The tool played a pivotal role in pain management, enabling a reduction in medication and blessing Alaska with the joy of motherhood as she “foaled a healthy baby that she is able to go out and move around with.”

Before FormaHoof

After FormaHoof

Detailed Insights: Understanding Laminitis and Its Complexities

Laminitis involves intricate complexities that intertwine physical health and environmental factors, and it requires an amalgamation of traditional knowledge and innovative solutions. FormaHoof, as witnessed in Alaska’s journey, showcases it’s strength in navigating through these challenges.

Reflection and Forward Path

With Jackie expressing, “I couldn’t be happier with FormaHoof and the amount of progress in such a short amount of time,” it highlights how integrating new technologies like FormaHoof can potentially revolutionize hoof care approaches, especially for cases entangled with chronic issues like laminitis. FormaHoof not only brings physical relief but also enhances quality of life, reinforcing the adage that effective treatment is as much about healing as it is about holistic care and wellbeing.

Alaska’s story stands out as an embodiment of progress, hope, and the profound impact of community and shared knowledge in the equine world. It’s not merely a story of recovery but a testament to how continuous learning, exploration, and openness to innovative solutions like FormaHoof enhance our collective journey in nurturing equine wellbeing.


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