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Are you planning to provide FormaHoof services for Ponies and Horses? Then the FormaHoof Super Pro Kit is your best choice as it includes 14 of the most popular reusable Barefoot Mould sizes, a whopping 36 tubes of FormaHoof Advanced Polymer & much more.

FormaHoof Super Pro Kit Overview

The FormaHoof Super Pro Kit is the ultimate choice to provide professional FormaHoof services as a farrier, vet, clinic, or stud farm.

The Super Pro Kit contains 14 reusable Moulds, in both Regular and Slimline Fit, and everything else needed for you to offer a comprehensive FormaHoof service for the most common horse hoof sizes 2-7. From Yearlings, Ponies and Thoroughbred horses to Warmbloods, you will be able to apply FormaHoof to any of them with this great selection of reusable Moulds.

FormaHoof Super Pro Kit contains:

With access to our FormaHoof Certified Applicator Course you will have the opportunity to earn recognition for your ability to support horses’ hooves with FormaHoof.

Features & Benefits of FormaHoof for Professionals

One-stop shop – FormaHoof is a very versatile solution to treat a variety of hoof pathologies such as laminitis, white line disease, navicular disease, crushed heels and much more. It allows to easily facilitate complicated cases and makes horses comfortable where there have been no options before.

Amazing Results – Once you experience it, you can’t un-see it! It is the mainstay of hoof protection and rehabilitation for many professionals worldwide.

Holistic Approach – FormaHoof’s 3D-Farriery addresses the issuers of the whole horse perspective; it’s not just improving feet or getting through the rider’s “next event” in whatever discipline.

Replicate Perfection3D-hoof re-modeling and rehabilitation will change the entire horse, posture, movement, thoracic sling, top line, muscle tone and most importantly the horses’ belief in him(her) self that they can live in comfort and strength of the movement and be a horse, using their feet and moving is essential to the horses’ function. Sound feet are the key to attaining the goal, it simply fits the horse.

Client Satisfaction – The ideal solution to keep your clients and their horses’ happy.

Trade Discounts – With the included FCA course, you can get your services certified and take advantage of life-long discounts and much more to offer your clients services at competitive pricing model.

Business Exposure – We encourage professionals to register their services within our applicator search and promote and support the generation of new business for your FormaHoof services.

FormaHoof Size Guide

Step 1: Clean your horse’s hooves and measure the length and width of the hoof. Take the widest part for the width, do not include the heel bulb for the length. More information about how to measure can be found here.

Step 2: Refer to the FormaHoof sizing chart below and select the FormaHoof Mould size that best fits with your horse’s measurements, making sure to use the correct units.

If, due to an underlying condition, there are significant differences in the length and width of the horse’s hoof, always take the larger measurement.

FormaHoof Fit

Regular is the best option for round shaped and front feet. Slimline is the best option for narrow shaped and hind feet.

Other customers have found the following image makes it easier to understand the difference!

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