FormaHoof Kits Product Guide

The easiest way to start your FormaHoof journey begins with our Ready-to-Go Kits

The pre-configured Kits include everything you need to apply FormaHoof and provide maximum comfort to your or your clients’ horses.

Our Kits are designed to make your life easy and give you a hassle-free start to using FormaHoof. Generally, just one Mould is needed to apply FormaHoof to both front or both hind feet, which makes our Kits the best way to get started.

We recommend Kits for first-time buyers, self-trimming owners, & owners who wish to start their journey with their trusted home farrier or trimmer.

Horse & Pony Hoof Kits

The Essentials Kit and Starter Kit allow a free selection of Mould size, model and fit.

The Essentials Kit is the easiest and lowest cost option with everything you need to get started with authentic FormaHoof products. This Kit contains 6 tubes of Advanced Polymer, usually enough for one treatment cycle.

The Starter Kit has 12 tubes of Advanced Polymer which allows for further applications after the initial 4 – 6 Week treatment cycle.

Kits recommended for farriers, trimmers, vets and stud farms

The Podiatry Pro and Slimline Kits allow a free selection of Mould model, with both Kits including sizes 3, 4, 4.5, 5 & 6.

The FormaHoof Podiatry Pro Kit is the perfect choice to provide professional FormaHoof services or to cater for various sizes of horses on large yards or stud farms.

The Kit contains 5 reusable regular Moulds and everything else needed for you as a farrier, trimmer or vet to offer a comprehensive FormaHoof service for the most common horse hoof sizes.

The FormaHoof Slimline Pro Kit is the perfect addition to the Podiatry Pro Kit and contains 5 reusable Slimline Moulds. This allows you as a farrier, trimmer or vet to complete your range of FormaHoof Moulds and includes Slimline Moulds to service narrow feet, club-footed horses, or hind feet in the most common horse hoof sizes. This Kit does not include consumables.

Foal Ortho Kits are pre-configured Mould Kits for professionals and stud farms who wish to cater for various limb deformities of foals and young horses. The Foal Ortho Kit is designed for professionals and does not include consumables.

The Foal Ortho Kit contains a total of 4 Moulds: 1 toe extension, 1 heel extension, and 2 lateral/medial extensions (left and right). Simply select your sizes and get going.

The Foal Ortho Pro Kit contains a total of 13 Moulds and provides all sizes of reusable toe, heel and lateral/medial extensions.

All FormaHoof Kit prices are fixed regardless of the Mould size, shape and fit, making them a highly cost-efficient solution to get horses’ hooves back in top shape!

Is there anything else I need?

There are some additional items that we highly recommend to make your life easier. However, it is up to each individual to decide on their personal need and to purchase them locally.

Silicon Spray

Cleaning your FormaHoof Moulds regularly with a good quality silicon base spray will extend their life and help to prevent them from becoming damaged. At FormaHoof, we use WD-40 Silicon. However, other brands can provide the same effect.

Dental Impression Material (DIM)

We recommend the use of DIM with FormaHoof Applications.

How To Use It?

You can purchase DIM at your local farrier shop, online, or directly from a dentist.

A good rasp to prepare the foot - Which rasp to use when?

Regular rasp
Used to trim and prepare the barefoot hoof as normal.

Cody James (medium) rasp
Used to prepare the wall for the application and to allow the application to bond better with the hoof wall

Shinto rasp
Similar to the Cody James, this rasp can be used to prepare the hoof and wall. It is a more compact version and can help to prepare smaller feet more easily than a regular-sized rasp.