How To Become A Formahoof Certified Applicator

Want to become a Formahoof Certified Applicator? We’ll show you everything you need to know about becoming an FCA.

If all learning is zero through ten, then the most important part of learning is zero through one.

Monty Roberts

Let’s start at zero and say you have already gone through the FREE FormaHoof Basics course, worked with the product (or not) and are looking to become a certified applicator. From here, becoming a FormaHoof Certified Applicator is a hands-on learning process and we would like to explain and share this process with you here.

Who can become a FormaHoof Certified Applicator?

Certification for FormaHoof Certified Applicators can only be completed with proof of business by a professional (farriers, vets, trimmers, equine podiatrists).

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Can I become a Certified Applicator as a horse owner?

Generally not, hence why we created a free basic tutorial to allow owners who trim their own horses to get started with FormaHoof through an online tutorial.

If you have a certification in farriery, veterinary, or hoof trimming, and this is your profession (part- or full-time), you can get certified.

Why would I become a FormaHoof Certified Applicator?

  • Give your client peace of mind with the best quality and approved work.
  • Advertise your equine hoof care business on our platforms generating new customers in your area.
  • FormaHoof will assist in the development of your business.
  • Capture new customers looking for an alternative to traditional methods.
  • Take advantage of FCA-exclusive, significantly discounted FormaHoof products in our B2B Pro shop.
  • Become a FormaHoof Affiliate Partner and get cashback for your referrals.

Where can I take the course?

The FCA course is currently available online in English and German via the FormaHoof Academy. The entire course can be done remotely in your preferred location and at your own pace.

Occasionally, experienced FCAs and FormaHoof Experts provide regional in-person workshops which may include certifications. Check out the event section on our Facebook page for more.

What can I learn in the course?

The FCA course will give you all information needed to successfully work with FormaHoof products, including the preparation trim, application and removal, treatment options, and much more.

The course is structured in 3 video modules with accompanying download documents, followed by the theoretical and practical exams.

How much does the course cost?

The current FCA course is available for a fee of EUR 99 (+VAT). Once enrolled, your course materials are accessible for 2,000 days, so there’s plenty of time to learn and explore modern hoof care developments and gain a life-long certification.

Do I need to buy product before I start the course?

You don’t need a Kit or any FormaHoof products set up to go through the course modules. The course can be purchased as an individual product and will help you to understand the uses and methodology behind our products.

Upon successful registration to the FCA course, participants receive a 10% discount code for their next purchase, which can help you to save on your first product order as you will need to apply FormaHoof to complete your certification course.

How do I get certified?

At the end of the 3 video modules, you will have a theoretical and practical exam to complete.

The theoretical exam allows you to demonstrate what you have learned in the course. The practical exam requires an application on a horse and you will have to upload images of different stages of your FormaHoof application process.

Your practical submission will be audited by our experienced team and feedback will be shared with you once assessed.

When is the right time to complete my certification exams?

We need to stress that there is no need for you to submit your very first application as your certification work. Most FCAs work with the product for a while before submitting their work to become certified, which makes complete sense to ensure the best quality work.

However, whenever you feel confident to submit your work, go ahead and do so. The upload can be completed within your Academy profile. If you experience trouble uploading, simply email Academy@FormaHoof.com

What happens if I fail the exams?

Just try it again!
You have 5 attempts to complete the theoretical test. We provide support where needed, but all questions are set to be answered with the provided information and material.

The practical exam allows us to review your work and (if needed) give you feedback on anything that might need to be corrected. There is no need to upload your very first application for the certification, just upload when you feel comfortable enough with the process and are happy with the results.

Note for IAPF members:

By successfully passing the online exam after completing the FCA course, IAPF members can earn 24 IAPF CE credits.

Those IAPF members who have been fully certified by FormaHoof before October 15, 2021, will automatically receive credits.

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