FormaHoof launches Flex Mesh

FormaHoof Launches “Flex Mesh”

by FormaHoof Ltd

A great thing has just got better with the launch of FormaHoof Flex Mesh!

Launched globally in early 2020, FormaHoof is already transforming the lives of countless horses around the world that suffer from hoof disease, hoof injuries and hoof and limb imbalances. In an exciting new development for the growing team of FormaHoof certified Applicators and the horses they care for, FormaHoof R&D labs have created Flex Mesh, a new innovation designed to take the durability and ease of use of FormaHoof to a whole new level.

Designed to perform

Designed as a performance enhancement to the existing FormaHoof AP polymer material, the 3D structure of Flex Mesh allows for enhanced mixing of the FormaHoof AP material and more contact points on the hoof wall. The innovative 3D lattice structure of Flex Mesh is achievable only using an advanced 3D printing manufacturing process and uniquely designed materials, which together generate fluid turbulence during the polymer injection process. This encourages even better mixing of the 2 polymer parts of FormaHoof AP as it enters the FormaHoof mould.

Time efficient and stronger than ever

Real-world testing of Flex Mesh versus a traditional mesh product by experienced applicators report an increase in overall strength of the FormaHoof application of up to 30%, while Flex Mesh also reduces application times by 5-10 minutes per foot.

The manufacturing process, design and material that make Flex Mesh a reality have never been used before in the equine world, making its launch another global first from FormaHoof R&D labs. Drawing on years of experience in the aerospace markets, the design team approached the creation of Flex Mesh from the ground up, leveraging the benefits of the advanced design tools and 3D printing capabilities within the group to ensure that Flex Mesh fits the horse and the FormaHoof Application perfectly.

The ease of use whilst holding medication in place

For horses that would benefit from additional therapeutic support, Flex Mesh can be infused with medication or dental impression material as needed, providing a support structure to keep it in place and the correct area medicated.

Designed to be used exclusively with FormaHoof AP polymer, Flex Mesh will be sold as a bundle with FormaHoof AP, to ensure the quality of the result. See Flex Mesh in action in the online FormaHoof Academy and FCA (FormaHoof certified Applicator) course.

FormaHoof Flex Mesh

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The FCA course in the FormaHoof Academy is set to give equine podiatry professionals the option of adding certified high-quality FormaHoof services to their business. Nevertheless, the course is open to everyone and owners can gain helpful insights in the usage of FormaHoof and learn with their trusted farrier, trimmer or vet, how to get started.

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