Equine Hoof Care Training Online

Dive deep into equine hoof care with FormaHoof's online courses. Perfect for professionals & enthusiasts alike. Enrich your knowledge, empower your care.
Online Horse Hoof Care Courses

Harness the power of cutting-edge hoof care techniques with FormaHoof’s Online Training Academy! Crafted by our team of seasoned equine experts, this comprehensive digital platform is a treasure trove of in-depth courses, offering equine professionals like farriers, vets, and hoof care specialists everything they need to amplify their skills and assist horses with various hoof-related concerns.

But the Academy isn’t just for professionals. Horse enthusiasts eager to expand their understanding of FormaHoof, its transformative benefits, and the application process can immerse themselves in our courses, gaining a profound appreciation of modern hoof care.

A Word from FormaHoof’s CEO, Alexander Papantoniou:

“The unprecedented challenges of 2020 required a novel solution to educate and train our partners globally. That’s why we birthed the FormaHoof Academy. This digital platform isn’t just a response to the pandemic’s limitations; it’s a blueprint for global, on-demand training, adaptable to everyone’s schedule. Partnering with our FormaHoof Certified Applicators (FCA) program, we ensure horse owners receive services from professionals with top-tier, standardized training.”

Why Choose FormaHoof Academy?

Real-World Training: Our modules are captured in real-time, providing students an authentic learning experience.

Holistic Curriculum: Beyond hoof application, dive deep into treatment best practices, and even business development techniques to bolster your professional journey.

Accreditation: Completing our courses grants a formal recognition of your skills, providing official certification, and opening doors to expanded opportunities and resources.

Who’s It For?

The Academy is open to anyone passionate about equine hoof care. However, full FCA certification requires a professional standing in the field. If you’re already proficient in hoof care basics and are looking to elevate your practice, the FormaHoof Academy awaits you.

For a limited time, the FCA course is available at EUR 99 + VAT. This includes core training, assessment, and the certification process. As we continue to enhance our platform, many future modules will be added free for our Academy students. Additionally, specialized courses focusing on topics like White Line Disease and Foal Conformation abnormalities are in the pipeline.

A Special Offer

Upon registration, participants will receive a special discount code for their inaugural purchase with us. (Please note, this doesn’t include the Starter Kit or initial mold purchase.)

Dive Deep into Modern Hoof Care

Horse owners and stable managers, invite your hoof care professionals to this revolutionary learning journey. Share the gift of knowledge or connect us with them, and we’ll take it forward.

Embark on a journey that marries tradition with innovation. Dive deep, expand your horizons, and be at the forefront of equine hoof care.

🌟 Enroll in FormaHoof Academy Now and reshape the future of hoof care! 🌟

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