In Doubt About FormaHoof?

We've heard some of the common and unfounded misconceptions about FormaHoof from customers. In this article we would like to clear up any confusion.
FormaHoof CEO Alex

Make sure your source of information is legitimate, before making a decision.

I’m Alexander Papantoniou and for those who don’t know me yet, I am the CEO of FormaHoof. Today, I want to elaborate on some of the pitfalls that exist in the market due to misinformation about what FormaHoof is and how it should be used.

Almost three years since the official launch of the latest generation of FormaHoof products, FormaHoof has now made it into almost every continent across the world and sustains an equine population with great success in rehabbing the most common hoof pathologies and efficient and effective support of sport horses.

But a burning question remains:

What’s the story behind the common and unfounded misconceptions about the product?

The answer to this question is particularly important to the horse owner. As an owner, your priority is the well-being and health of your horse, and your second interest is likely to be an active interest in the cost vs. performance vs. sustainability ratio of any shoeing and rehab solution you decide to use.

Should I or should I not use FormaHoof?

FormaHoof is not a shoe, nor a glue-on, nor a boot – it is the market’s first and only non-invasive 3D hoof support system. First and foremost, it is unique and was initially designed to give solutions where existing products in this market could not.

But what are the important points to consider and clarify when thinking about FormaHoof as a shoeing solution for your horse?

1. Experience Matters!

Why is this important? Quite simply, because the advice you may have received might have been misguided. For example – if a professional is great at doing glue-on shoes, it does not mean they will be great at FormaHoof and vice versa. Same way that you wouldn’t ask your dentist to diagnose back pain (both are medical professionals, but neither is an expert in the other’s field).

Therefore, we highly recommend searching for advice from those who have experience with FormaHoof, whether this is via the FormaHoof Experience Exchange Group in a semi-public scenario or via a 1:1 consultation with a FormaHoof Expert.

2. The story about the cost of the application

When deciding if a process is expensive or not, ensure you are presented with all the information. Keep in mind that although the upfront cost of FormaHoof is higher compared to other shoeing and rehab solutions, over the entire cycle of treatment the average cost for FormaHoof is significantly lower than alternatives. In contrast to other products on the market, we actively encourage owners to purchase their own FormaHoof Kit, which will allow full cost control over the material cost.

As a company, we can’t interfere with charges of individual farriers, vets, or trimmers. However, if you feel the quote you received for an application is too high, ask your hoof care provider to give you a cost split on material and labour. This way it is easy for you to compare to the official material costs in the shop. When doing so, remember that some countries may have import duties (e.g. Australia). If you are still feeling the quote is unreasonably high, feel free to reach out to us and we will help in the best way we can to solve your situation.

FormaHoof has come a long way, and with growing demand, we have reduced product prices several times, which brings us into a very competitive region now. If someone tells you the mould price is 5K, this is simply untrue, and you may want to check out the excellent deals on FormaHoof Kits in our official online store.

3. Is it too complicated?

When looking for someone to apply FormaHoof to your horse, your first choice as an owner is likely to be your farrier, trimmer, or vet, but you may have also come across the statements: “It’s too complicated; I need a certification before I can apply it and don’t have the time for a course.”

Let’s be clear, as with any new skill there is a learning curve! However, applying AND REMOVING FormaHoof is easy to learn and anyone with trimming skills can apply it and you do not need to be certified to apply FormaHoof.

The FormaHoof Academy allows everyone to learn how to work with the product quickly and efficiently, from anywhere in the world, at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own home. FormaHoof applications themselves are a highly repeatable process and after a good trim, there isn’t much you can do wrong – you won’t be driving a nail into a horse’s hoof and be in a position where you may injure important structures.

4. You CAN apply FormaHoof as a horse owner!

Many horse owners trim their horses and, as we mentioned above, having trimming skills will put you in a comfortable position when applying FormaHoof. What you can’t do as a horse owner is get certified and provide professional FormaHoof services to third parties as the certification is for professional Hoof Care providers and needs proof of business before being granted.

Getting back to the point, our lovely customer Kate Redmond from Western Australia tells her story of how she learned to trim and apply FormaHoof together with her partner, after finding herself cut off from the world during the Pandemic.

Kate and her partner, like many other FormaHoofers, are members of the Experience Exchange Group and are always happy to share their feedback. Join the group here.

Disclaimer: If your horse has an underlying condition such as laminitis, white line disease, etc. always consult a qualified professional before working on the hooves yourself!

Last but not least…

5. Will the FormaHoof product replace every existing hoof care solution in the horseshoeing market?

Probably not… BUT, as the CEO of FormaHoof, I am proud to see our product out there, helping thousands of horses to a better, more comfortable life and it fills us with joy to see horses being saved from being PTS after FormaHoof supported and assisted their rehab journey. FormaHoof is a welfare benefit for any horse and an extra tool for the farrier or vet.

When in doubt, reach out! We take your doubts seriously and I would be happy to hear from you and have a chat. You can contact me directly via email at or contact our customer care team at

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