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The FormaHoof Academy gives equine professionals the chance to tackle various hoof-related problems and become a FormaHoof Certified Applicator.

Severe accidents happen everywhere, but this recovery journey of Muffin after the loss of the hoof capsule gives hope to many.

How FormaHoof (and a lot of love and support from her dedicated new owner) has given Libby The Canadian a new lease of life!

FormaHoof becomes Welfare Aware partner of the Irish Horse Welfare Trust

FormaHoof Ltd is pleased to announce it’s support for The Irish Horse Welfare Trust, Ireland’s largest dedicated equine charity.

Navicular disease is one of the most common causes of chronic forelimb lameness. This case study shows options to treat Navicular disease with FormaHoof.

Negative Plantar Angle | Horse Hoof

Negative Plantar Angle has been linked to many higher pathologies by peer-reviewed studies and has been linked to...

Tramore racecourse have signed an agreement with Waterford based company FormaHoof Ltd. to sponsor all best turned out prizes until the end of 2020.

White Line Disease recovery progress after the first FormaHoof application...

Right FormaHoof Size | Hoof Measurements

Not an easy question! Gain some insider information on the FormaHoof product pricing and find out, why we consider our products as cost-efficient offering exceptional value for money...

Laminitis in Stallions | Hoof X-Ray

The next day the horse’s entire attitude changed - no pain, moving better, strutted to the collection phantom and his subsequent collections doubled in output...