Battling with Chronic White Line Disease: Pokey’s Journey

Join us on our journey with Pokey, a 16-year-old AQHA, as we conquer White Line Disease with FormaHoof's innovative hoof care technology.
White Line Disease Recovery With FormaHoof Application

Meet Pokey, a 16-year-old registered with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) with a tale of resilience, hope, and healing. Pokey was trapped in a seven-year battle with White Line Disease, an infection that took a toll on all four of his hooves, complicating traditional treatments due to his minimal hoof growth.

The infection brought severe complications: symptoms similar to founder or laminitis, crushed heels, dropped soles, and sensitivity to pressure. This left Pokey with a thin, infected outer hoof wall that offered little support or protection. The concerns of his owner, veterinarian, and farrier escalated as the coffin capsule seemed to sink, signalling a significant deterioration in Pokey’s condition.

The Turning Point: FormaHoof

In the face of this debilitating condition, FormaHoof entered Pokey’s life, introducing him to a world of innovative, effective treatment. In just a few days after his first FormaHoof application, Pokey resumed a sound and normal life, a testament to FormaHoof’s transformative power.

With FormaHoof, Pokey was free to explore his pasture, undeterred by the challenging winter months of rain and mud. Remarkably, no additional treatments were needed throughout the FormaHoof cycle.

The Outcome: Resilience and Recovery

Eight weeks later, a significant improvement was visible. After the first set of FormaHoof applications were removed, a visible improvement in Pokey’s hoof recovery, growth, and coffin capsule integrity was noticeable. The remaining affected hoof tissue was removed, and Pokey received his second FormaHoof application.

Join Us in Overcoming Equine Hoof Challenges

Pokey’s journey is one of countless success stories of how FormaHoof has been able to help horses regain their health and live comfortable, pain-free lives. If you’re dealing with chronic hoof diseases or want to enhance your horse’s hoof health, it might be time to consider FormaHoof. Reach out to us today and let us help your equine friend stride towards better hoof health.

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