Foal Ortho Pro Kit

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Support and protect any size of Foal Hoof with the Foal Ortho Pro Kit which contains all types and sizes of reusable FormaHoof Foal Moulds.

Foal Ortho Pro Kit Overview

The Foal Pro Ortho Kit gives professionals and stud farms an ideal selection and fantastic savings on reusable FormaHoof Moulds, to support foals and young horses and help them to overcome various limb conformation faults.

Includes 13 reusable foal moulds!

If you need any further information, you can read more about FormaHoof Kits in our Kits Product guide, or please contact us for assistance.

Features & Benefits

3D Hoof Protection – Supports the hoof wall by filling in weaknesses in the hoof. The external contours of the FormaHoof Foal Heel Extension are designed to perfectly support the foal’s hoof and developing conformation.

Corrects imbalances – Creates the perfect support to correct foal conformational problems and hoof imbalances.

Fast Solution – The quickest total hoof support for common foal hoof and conformation problems.

Protection in herd – The FormaHoof Application provides protection to the foal’s hoof in a herd situation, where their sensitive small hooves may be stepped on etc. by other horses.

Comfortable Solution – No discomfort for the foal. Allows for the hoof’s natural expansion and contraction and healthy hoof growth.

FormaHoof Size Guide

Step 1: Clean your foal’s hooves and measure the length and width of the hoof. Take the widest part for the width, do not include the heel bulb for the length. More information about how to measure can be found here.

Step 2: Refer to the FormaHoof sizing chart image and select the FormaHoof Mould size that best fits with your foal’s measurements, making sure to use the correct units.

If, due to an underlying condition, there are significant differences in the length and width of the horse’s hoof, always take the larger measurement.

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