FormaHoof Certified Applicator Services

The FCA Program offers systematised learning of the FormaHoof process for professionals, so horse owners can be confident they will receive the best FormaHoof service, security and peace of mind

Our FormaHoof Certified Applicators (FCA’s) are a vital element in our Circle of Trust, and your FCA will quickly become one of yours too.


By choosing a FormaHoof Certified Applicator to treat and care for your horse’s feet with FormaHoof, you can be confident that they have the essential skills, knowledge and experience to give your horse the very best care possible.


The FormaHoof Certified Applicator program was created to share the collective knowledge of some of our most experienced applicators with professionals interested in integrating FormaHoof into their practices. By joining the FormaHoof Academy and completing the FCA program, new applicators can rapidly upskill and have their first applications evaluated, giving them the confidence necessary to do a perfect job from day one. Find your local FCA here. 


If you can’t find an Applicator in your area, you can also apply FormaHoof with your trusted home farrier, podiatrist or vet? Please contact us for further information and we will help you to find an option to get FormaHoof services for your horse, on your doorstep.


Prices for FormaHoof services should be made clear before you agree to proceed. We have put together the approx. cost for consumables of an average sized application on two feet here.

Are you an equine professional Interested in upskilling to become a FCA? By learning from experts in the field, you can avoid many of the mistakes most commonly associated with new applications, to ensure that your investment in FormaHoof pays off from day one. Find out more.


At FormaHoof we promote FCA certification globally as a common seal of quality and consistency, so horse owners can be confident that their horses will receive the care and expertise they need, and the service and support they deserve.

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