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Our FormaHoof Traction Mould is specifically designed for equine sports that require additional grip.

FormaHoof Traction provides additional grip, thanks to a uniquely design ‘stud’ system which is integrated into the FormaHoof Mould.

The ‘studs’ can be easily trimmed to the level most appropriate for the ground conditions they are to be used in.

The Traction Mould is the best choice for sport horses that need additional grip while performing at high speed or on surfaces that require extra traction.

By providing all the benefits of FormaHoof Performance, Traction significantly reduces the risks associated with traditional shoeing and metal studs, whilst helping to maintain optimum hoof health, no matter the training demands.

The FormaHoof Traction application is also safe for horses to wear in the stable and there’s no need to fit and remove studs on competition day.

The Traction Mould is the perfect solution for competition sport horses, from eventing and show jumping to endurance and polo.

Like all FormaHoof Moulds, a shoe can be fitted to the treated hoof in times of exceptional stress and wear. However, as the nails are driven into the hardened resin finish instead of into the hoof horn, the integrity of the hoof is maintained, allowing it to continue to regrow and heal.

FormaHoof is the only hoof treatment that:
• Supports the hoof wall and returns concavity to the hoof.
• Creates artificial sole depth, supporting and protecting the sole.
• Allows conditions such as quarter cracks to be quickly and effectively treated, whilst keeping the horse in training and competition.
• Corrects hoof angles and conditions such as Negative Palmar Angle and High/Low Heel Syndrome.
• Allows for the hoof’s natural movement (expansion and contraction).

Measure your horse’s hoof length and width, if they are within the same range of measurements shown in the chart; choose the Regular Fit.

If the foot is longer than it is wide, a Slimline Fit is the better choice for your horse.

See detailed Measuring Guide here

FormaHoof Hoof Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide
















Inch Range

2.3 – 2.9

3.0 – 3.5

3.6 – 3.9

4 – 4.3

4.4 – 4.7

4.8 – 4.9

5 – 5.3

5.4 – 5.5

5.6 – 5.9

6 – 6.2

6.3 – 6.7

6.8 – 7.2

7.3 – 7.7

7.8 – 8.1

MM Range

60 – 75

76 – 90

91 – 100

101 – 110

111 – 120

121 – 125

126 – 135

136 – 141

141 – 150

151 – 160

161 – 172

173 – 185

186 – 197

198 – 207

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Moulds Product Guide

FormaHoof Barefoot Mould
• The base model of all other Moulds
• Your best choice for the majority of horses
• Ideal for rehabilitation and riding horses

FormaHoof Traction Mould
• Special traction pattern on the sole, for optimal performance and grip in all ground conditions
• Safe for horses to wear in the stable
• Provides the most resistance to wear
• Ideal for jumping, endurance, polo and other equine sports which require extra traction

FormaHoof Performance Mould
• Designed with the conformation and workload of racehorses in mind
• Must be combined with an additional racing plate
• Super lightweight application
• Incorporates a protective 5mm flatter profile on the sole, to easily facilitate the racing plate
• Approved for racing in many countries, including the UK

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