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FormaHoof’s reusable Traction Mould is the best choice for sport horses and for work on surfaces that require extra traction.

FormaHoof Reusable Traction Mould Overview

The reusable FormaHoof Traction Mould and resulting application are specifically designed for equine sports of all disciplines and has proven extremely successful for showjumpers, polo ponies, barrel horses and many more.

FormaHoof Traction provides additional grip, thanks to a uniquely design ‘stud’ system which are integrated into the FormaHoof Mould. These traction devices can be easily trimmed to the level most appropriate for the ground conditions they are to be used in.

By providing all the benefits of the reusable FormaHoof Barefoot Mould Type, the Traction application significantly reduces the risks associated with traditional shoeing and metal studs, whilst helping to maintain optimum hoof health, no matter the training demands.

The resulting FormaHoof Traction application is also safe for horses to wear in the stable and there’s no need to fit and remove studs on competition day.

Like all FormaHoof Applications, a shoe can be fitted to the treated hoof in times of exceptional stress and wear. However, as the nails are driven into the hardened FormaHoof Advanced Polymer instead of into the hoof horn, the integrity of the hoof is maintained, allowing it to continue to regrow and heal.

Features & Benefits of FormaHoof

3D Hoof Protection – Supports the hoof wall by filling in weaknesses in the hoof. The contours of the reusable FormaHoof Barefoot Mould are designed to produce an application which replicates the perfect healthy barefoot hoof structure.

Correcting imbalances – The application creates an artificial sole depth, supporting and protecting the sole or raising low heels.

Fast Solution – FormaHoof applications offer the quickest support for common hoof cracks e.g., quarter cracks can be quickly and effectively treated, whilst keeping the horse comfortable and allowing many to return to exercise.

The Perfect Hoof Angles – FormaHoof applications correct hoof angles and conditions such as Negative Palmar Angle and High/Low Heel Syndrome. If your horse has two different shaped feet, as most do, a correct FormaHoof application will provide the ideal alignment to both feet.

Comfortable Solution – The specially designed FormaHoof Advanced Polymer allows for the hoof’s natural expansion and contraction as the horse moves.

Some common horse hoof problems addressed with FormaHoof include:

High/Low Heel Syndrome – FormaHoof applications rebuild the heels to allow the correct biomechanics of the hoof to be restored.

Hoof Cracks – FormaHoof applications stabilise and protect the hoof capsule to allow any crack to grow out.

White line disease – Once the affected area has been removed and/or cleaned, medication can be applied prior to applying FormaHoof, if needed. The FormaHoof system will keep the medication in place and seal it off from any bacteria, dirt, or debris, protecting and stabilising the hoof capsule while it heals.

Laminitis – Regardless if acute or chronic laminitis, FormaHoof applications allow sole depth and stability to be optimised in a recovering hoof capsule. Medication can also be applied under the application where needed.

FormaHoof Size Guide

Step 1: Clean your horse’s hooves and measure the length and width of the hoof. Take the widest part for the width, do not include the heel bulb for the length. More information about how to measure can be found here.

Step 2: Refer to the FormaHoof sizing chart below and select the FormaHoof Mould size that best fits with your horse’s measurements, making sure to use the correct units.

If, due to an underlying condition, there are significant differences in the length and width of the horse’s hoof, always take the larger measurement.

FormaHoof Fit

Regular is the best option for round shaped and front feet. Slimline is the best option for narrow shaped and hind feet.

Other customers have found the following image makes it easier to understand the difference!

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