Selecting The Right FormaHoof Mould

Which reusable FormaHoof Mould suits my needs?

All FormaHoof Moulds are reusable up to 100 times, making FormaHoof a highly cost-effective way to support the long-term soundness of the horse. The same mould can be used on both front or both hind feet of the horse. Read on to learn the differences between the different types of FormaHoof Mould and to discover which is the best option for you and your horse.

FormaHoof Barefoot Mould

Barefoot is the most natural and healthy state for horses’ hooves. However, modern equine management and associated hoof weaknesses has meant that a perfectly healthy and well-shaped hoof is extremely difficult to achieve, until now.
Like all FormaHoof moulds, a shoe can be fitted to the treated hoof in times of exceptional stress and wear. However, as the nails are driven into the hardened resin finish instead of into the hoof horn, the integrity of the hoof is maintained, allowing it to continue to regrow and heal.

FormaHoof Traction Mould

Offering all the remedial benefits of the FormaHoof Barefoot Mould, FormaHoof Traction is specifically designed for equine sports that require additional grip.

FormaHoof Performance Mould

FormaHoof Performance is specifically designed for racehorses, allowing them to quickly and effectively overcome common hoof problems and return to training sooner, whilst maintaining a perfectly balanced, healthy hoof, for optimum performance and long-term soundness.

FormaHoof Extensions

FormaHoof Extensions are expertly designed to assist with many different conformation issues in hoof and limb development of foals and young horses, giving experienced equine professionals the tools needed to support the foal’s legs and feet through its early development period and put it on the right track towards straight, strong limbs for life.

FormaHoof Mini Mould

Hoof care for Minis is one of the most challenging areas of equine podiatry, presenting farriers with the double challenge of tiny bodies, limbs and hooves, and many conformation issues.


FormaHoof Mini Application supports and protects the compromised hooves and legs of miniature horses and tiny ponies, giving them a chance live and work in comfort, for many years to come.

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