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Free Horse Hoof Nutrition Basics Lecture, presented by Lisa Elliott, MSc – specialist in Equine Nutrition.

If you want to improve your hoof nutrition knowledge, this online lecture provides all you need to know about nutrition and hooves. From nutritional fundamentals and what a hoof needs nutritionally, to feeding for a healthier hoof and how nutritional supplements can help, this 22 minute lecture presents all you need to know about optimum nutrition for strong, healthy hooves, including how the newly created FormaHoof Nutritional Supplements can help.

Upon completion of the Hoof Nutrition Basics Lecture, you can expect to achieve a good, all-round understanding of the impact of nutrition on your horse’s hooves and how the right diet can build a healthier, stronger hoof from the inside out. The lecture will also explore how the use of premium hoof supplements can support optimal hoof health and integrity throughout your horse’s life, whatever their level of work.

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Measure your horse’s hoof length and width, if they are within the same range of measurements shown in the chart; choose the Regular Fit.

If the foot is longer than it is wide, a Slimline Fit is the better choice for your horse.

See detailed Measuring Guide here

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Created by FormaHoof’s team of Equine Podiatry Experts, the FormaHoof Academy provides all the theoretical knowledge and practical insights needed to help horses overcome a multitude of hoof related issues, with the support of FormaHoof.

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