Hoof Nutrition Advanced


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Hoof Nutrition Advanced Overview

Our Hoof Nutrition Advanced Course Lecture is presented by Lisa Elliott, MSc – specialist in Equine Nutrition.

If you want to advance your hoof nutrition knowledge, this online Advanced Hoof Nutrition course will build on the foundations gained from the free Hoof Nutrition Basics lecture and explore the impact of nutrition on horses’ hooves in a more detailed context.

This Advanced Course will provide a more in-depth look at essential hoof nutrients and the correct levels needed to support strong, healthy hooves. It is packed with expert insights into feeding for a healthier hoof, providing a whole horse approach to nutrition and how to provide nutritional support from the inside out.

Upon successful completion of our Advanced Hoof Nutrition Course Lecture, you can expect to achieve a more advanced knowledge and understanding of hoof nutrition, which will help you to combat common hoof pathologies, enhance rehabilitation, and build and maintain the healthiest hooves, whatever the horse’s level of work. You will also receive a certificate of acknowledgement upon completion of the Advanced Hoof Nutrition Course.

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