The Bridge Between Barefoot VS Shod


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Discover why domestication has created the necessity for horse hoof protection, but the future of hoof protection in horses lies in recognising the structure, anatomy function and material of the perfect barefoot hoof.

The Bridge Between Barefoot VS Shod Overview

The Bridge Between Barefoot VS Shod Lecture is presented by Yogi Sharp, a Farrier studying for a PhD in farriery science, AKA The Equine Documentalist. Day in, day out, across the world, people are researching these relationships and writing papers on the real science of equine care.

Yogi believes it’s important that this information is made more accessible to the equestrian world – from owners to practitioners to vets, so people can provide the best care for their horses, based on real science.

In this one-hour lecture you will advance your knowledge of the horse’s hoof and why domestication creates the necessity for protecting the horse’s hoof, but the future of hoof protection is innovation and recognising the structure, anatomy function, and material of the barefoot horse.

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