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Duration 1 hour
Learn from Yogi Sharp, The Equine Documentalist, why domestication creates the necessity for protecting the horse’s hoof but the future of hoof protection is innovated by recognising the structure, anatomy function and material of the barefoot horse.

About Yogi Sharp:
Yogi Sharp is a farrier studying for a PhD in farriery science. He has seen that every aspect of horse care is closely interlinked.

Day in, day out, across the world, people are researching these relationships and writing papers on the real science of equine care.

Yogi believes it’s important that this information is made more accessible to the equestrian world – from owners to practitioners to vets, so people can provide the best care for their horses, based on real science.

Measure your horse’s hoof length and width, if they are within the same range of measurements shown in the chart; choose the Regular Fit.

If the foot is longer than it is wide, a Slimline Fit is the better choice for your horse.

See detailed Measuring Guide here

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Created by FormaHoof’s team of Equine Podiatry Experts, the FormaHoof Academy provides all the theoretical knowledge and practical insights needed to help horses overcome a multitude of hoof related issues, with the support of FormaHoof.

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