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FCA Testimonial quotes:

Taking a leap of faith, I purchased my first FormaHoof Starter Kit last year. The results have been remarkable. I’ve used FormaHoof for white line disease, laminitis, hi-low feet, treating thrush, and horses with thin soles. What surprised me the most was how quickly it helped the horses become comfortable and the improved quality of the hoof and frog, following even a short cycle of a FormaHoof application. FormaHoof is now a core component of my services. Plus the customer service is outstanding – A company I can stand behind.

Aletia Reilingh

FCA and Farrier, Germany, Hufschmied Reilingh
For centuries, the highest aspirations of refined horsemanship has been to achieve true partnership with the horse through feel and understanding. Formahoof has advanced podiatry care from a 2D additive modality to a whole horse, proactive care approach. The 3-dimensional form offers whole limb support, allowing deficiencies to be addressed while enhancing the performance of our equine partners. FormaHoof has advanced hoof care beyond ‘no hoof no horse’, as the improvements to the entire horse’s structure improves their overall wellbeing and performance. Quite simply, it fits the horse.

Joel Brown

FCA and Farrier, USA, JC Shoeing
It’s extremely useful that a FormaHoof application can remain during an MRI scan. There’s no need to remove it before scanning, meaning the support and protection to the hoof can remain in place.

Paul Huber

FCA and Head Farrier, Sweden,Mälaren Hästklinik AB
Its so exciting to have a tool in the truck that can help with the most extreme and complicated hoof problems and lameness. FormaHoof saves many days for us, with horses experiencing immediate comfort following the application.

Cody & David Andrade

FCA and Farrier, USA, Diamond C Farrier Service

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